Mike McKendry

Name: Mike McKendry

Year: freshman

Hometown: Lake Forest, IL

Major: chemical engineering

Relationship Status: single

How are you liking Alabama so far? “I love it. This semester is a lot better than last semester. I’ve joined more clubs like the Outdoor Adventure Club, and I’ve met more people.”

What else do you like to do outside of class? “I love to read. I’m reading a biography on John Adams right now. The people on my dorm and I also like to use the Ping-Pong table to play against each other.”

Describe yourself in three words: overconfident, smart and good-looking.

What do you think is your best quality? “My sense of humor.”

What do you look for in a girl? “I like when a girl is funny and up for anything and is also down to just chill sometimes.”

Who is your celebrity crush? Natalie Portman.

If your life were an ice cream flavor what would it be? Moose Tracks.

What is something about you that most people don’t know? “I have three sisters, including one who is 17 years younger than me.”