5 Women of Color Who Are Changing The Face Of Wellness



Nowadays, everywhere you look there is some “new” superfood, some new workout craze, some essential oil that will cure all ailments. The wellness scene is booming, and with that came this image of high price, inaccessible health that only a select few could reach. Women of color can often be scene as left out of the target audience for the wellness trends that are popping up, but these 5 women are changing that by creating and sharing inclusive, budget-friendly ways to maintain a holistically healthy lifestyle. They are creating spaces for women of color by women of color to talk about mental health issues, ways to remain healthy when healthy isn’t accessible to you, and forming a community of women who have your back along the way. These five women of color are changing the face of wellness.


1.Francheska Medina of HeyFranHey

HeyFranHey.jpgpic courtesy of instagram

Also known as HeyFranHey, Medina has managed to create multiple platforms in which she focuses on different aspects of wellness as it regards to women of color. Each of these platforms has managed to create a space allowing her followers to grow and accept themselves as they are, while also providing multiple tools in which to better yourself.  Through her YouTube channel she speaks on everything from easy, natural hair care, to healthy DIYs, non-toxic skincare, to speaking on the struggles of mental illness. She creates an open dialogue that allows women of color to feel okay about speaking on their struggles and in turn created a community of women who can turn to each other in times of distress.


2. Black Girl In Om


black girl in om.jpgpic courtesy of instagram

Ran by 6 women of color, Black Girl In Om, through their website and podcast, seeks to promote holistic wellness and inner beauty for women of color. By highlighting women of color in their BGIO Beauties segment on their site, they bring a continuous light to entrepreneurship of women of color in the holistic realm of business. By extending the talk of holistic wellness to that of speaking more freely about mental illnesses that affect women of color, they are helping to break the stigma of black women and mental illness.


3. Alex Elle

Alex Elle.jpgpic courtesy of instagram

Author Alex Elle, by way of poetry, has welcomed the world into her personal life by writing extensively on her battle with fertility, feelings of self-doubt, and showing her constant journey to self-love through daily affirmation. Using her Instagram to share daily affirmations to her followers as well as sharing healthy skincare and eating practices, Elle has managed to create a safe space for women of color to be able to grieve and process their emotions, while helping them to also find their self-worth.


Instagram: Alex_Elle

Blog: anothrsunday.com


4. J. Chavae

J.Chavae.jpgpic courtesy of instagram

Chavae cites her passions to be that of working around wellness, mental health awareness (especially in the Black community) and practicing self-love. By sharing her struggles with her mental health and feelings of self-worth, she has created a space that normalizes the concept of black women and the effects mental illness has on them.


Blog: Jchevae.com


5. Nikisha Brunson of Urban Bush Babes

Nikisha Brunson.jpgpic courtesy of instagram


Brunso, one half of the website Urban Bush Babes, has dedicated her platform to helping women of color transition to a more healthy holistic lifestyle. She could be considered a DIY queen, constantly uploading recipes for face wash, toothpaste, deodorant and the like. She also extensively tackles topics like the benefits of various supplements and food that help to contribute to total wellness. It is unlikely that one could have a question that Brunson has not tackled.


Instagram: nikishabrunson

Website: urbanbushbabes.com