Two Year Catch Up: An Interview with Reagin Turner ‘19


Some may remember the profile that I did with Music major Reagin Turner, a sophomore at the time. Now in her last semester of senior year, we look back on some of the questions from that interview as well as newly crafted questions to admire the two year difference. One weekend, we both logged into another Google Doc, and got back into the same digital interview foolishness. This interview started out as a quest for comparison of her old and new answers, but it soon turned into a talk of music and self love. Enjoy!


Her Campus: Ok, here I go.


HC: Is your name still Reagin Taylor Turner?

Reagin Turner: ...Yes, yes it is.


HC: So, what do you think is your current dream job? Last time, you said music producer or an owner of pet sanctuary.

RT: I still want to be a music producer but I would rather own my own studio now. I also want to start my own non-profit.


HC: So no pet sanctuary?

RT: That is correct.  I may donate to one but I don’t want my own anymore.


HC: I’ve heard you’ve recently turned vegan, so pet sanctuary would be right up your alley.

RT: That is false! I was supposed to be vegan but it ain’t been working out.


HC:Why you whispering at me?

RT: I’m ashamed.


HC: If you could only live in one place for the rest of your life, not allowed to travel anywhere else, where would it be and why?

RT: So I can choose a whole continent?


HC: Yes, or pangea.

RT: Earth.


HC: What are you currently watching on netflix?

RT: YOU! It is very, very good and interesting and creepy. Also, you should watch The Secret on Netflix. It is also good and interesting.


HC: What is the song that is the soundtrack to your life?

RT: So, right now the song is “Geeked up” by D4L and “Move B*%[email protected]#” by Ludacris


HC: I got another question from the Soul Pancake book, “How does your mood affect your creative output?”

RT: When I’m sad, I don’t wanna do nothing. When I’m semi-inspired is when I work best because I’m able to focus on one thing at a time. When I’m super inspired, I get too many ideas and then I get sidetracked by all of them and then nothing gets done.


HC: Hm, that’s interesting. Here’s another question from the book, “What is one song or piece of music that you think every person should experience?”

RT: I would say “Thriller” is definitely an experience. Wait, honestly “Bohemian Rhapsody” is a good one or “We Are The Champions”.


HC: I have four new questions! The first one is this: what is one thing you wish you knew two years ago as a sophomore in college?

RT: I wish I knew about The Secret and I wish I knew how important self love is. It’s literally everything.


HC: What is the class that you are so glad you took and why?

RT: I really enjoyed this class that was about popular music. Particularly because we talked about how black people literally made like every type of music. Also, I took an Africana studies class that was so interesting. I loved it so much that I almost minored in it.


HC: What is a fashion/hair trend that you want to come back into style?

RT: Honestly, if I never see bell bottomed pants again I will be ok. For one I want to come back, that would have to be afros. I wish more black women embraced their natural hair like during the time when the Black Panther Party was active. I guess that means including me?


HC: Last question before quick fire: what are you plans for the rest of 2019?

RT: So, for the rest of the year, I’m going to work at a studio! Maybe. I literally met a guy yesterday and I think he’s a good connection that I can use once I get really good at engineering.


HC:Now for the quick fire questions!




HC: If you could only follow one person on instagram who would it be?

RT: Beyonce. TF


HC: Cheese one your grits or no cheese?

RT: Is you tryna get me caught up because I’m supposed to be vegan?... Cheese, please.


HC: What is one thing you wish you knew more about?

RT: The music business because people will do you dirty.


HC: Was Killmonger (from the Black Panther movie) right?

RT: He was semi right but also hella dramatic. But also, I get it because his Dad was killed and all so… kinda.


HC: If you could wear one color for the rest of your life  what color would it be?

RT: Pure White… Actually that’s probably weird. I would wanna wear grey or gray.


HC: I spell it differently every time. Ok I have three more questions and then we are out of here! What is it ok to be attached to?

RT: Yourself.


HC: Two more. Mustard yellow or forest green?

RT: Mustard Yellow.


HC: Kids or no kids?

RT: No kids!!! I can’t do it.


HC: -__- Last question. What is one thing you’re glad you didn’t do?

RT: I’m glad I don’t follow a lot of trends because it ends up looking so dumb later. I’m glad I don’t smoke weed because people try to get me to all the time. It’s just one of those things I said I would never do and I’m proud of myself for sticking to that.


HC: Any last words?

RT: Stay true to yourself and protect your energy. If something doesn’t feel right.. Don’t do it! That’s why I don’t do my homework. Just kidding. But always make sure you are in a good headspace and spread love. I’m finna throw up. Why did I say all that?


HC: Thanks for the truth tea! And thanks for doing the two year catch up!

RT: You’re Welcome!