Meet Reagin Turner '19

Reagin Turner, a sophomore at Agnes Scott College and majoring in music, can be easily spotted with leggings and a visor. I met her in September of 2015 at a birthday party. After asking her to dance with me, she mumbled that she had to go wash her hands and then scurried away. Whoever gets her to step out of her shy shell and open her mouth will not regret it. Her newfound obsession with Joanne the Scammer and knack for finding funny Instagram videos will keep you laughing.

Kennedy Smith: Ok let’s begin

KS: What’s your full name?

Reagin Turner: Reagin Taylor Turner

KS: What’s your astrological sign?

RT: Taurus, but according to the new signs I am an Aries now.

KS: What’s your dream job?

RT: My dream job is to be a music producer/owner of pet sanctuary.

KS: OMG I want to be an owner of a pet sanctuary too! But with animals that usually get eaten, so like cows and chickens and pigs and lamb.

RT: Good luck with that!


KS: If you could only live in one place for the rest of your life, not allowed to travel anywhere else, where would it be and why?

RT: I would want to live in France because I experienced a variety of different scenes so I doubt that I would ever get bored there.

KS: What was the best day of your whole life?

RT: The day I was born.

KS: Where did you go on your Journey’s trip? Describe it in three words or less.

RT: Jamaica!! Peaceful, serene, eye-opening.

KS: What are you currently watching on Netflix?

RT: Nothing. My dad won’t update his payment information so they put us on hold. I was watching The 13th Amendment again. It was amazing, again.

KS: What was the last thing you regret watching on Netflix?

RT: Human centipede. No one should ever watch that.

KS: If you could have one wish for the world, what would it be?

RT: I would wish for peace, even if only for a minute.

KS: The song as the soundtrack to your life?

RT: “That’s the Way of the World” by Earth Wind and Fire.

KS: I got this question from the book Soul Pancake by Rainn Wilson (Dwight from The Office), “What would you literally cut off your pinky toe for?”

RT: My Family, like my brother, my Dad or my Mom, and Jesus and God.

KS: How do you feel about Glenn’s, from The Walking Dead, tragic death?

RT: I am devastated,  truly he was not only Maggie’s baby daddy but the baby daddy of fans all over the world. I wonder why they killed him off though, like I heard that people actually stopped watching the show because of it.


KS: Rapid Fire Either/Or

RT: I’m ready...


KS: Cake or Pie?

RT: Cake all day

KS: Big city or small town?

RT: Small town

KS: Green or blue?

RT: Green

KS: Summer or Winter?

RT: Winter

KS: Instagram or Snapchat?

RT: Snapchat


RT: Your Dad lol

KS: France or Jamaica?

RT: France

KS: Textbook or Ebook?

RT: Textbook because you can write in it

KS: Digital camera or disposable camera?

RT: Digital

KS: Ice cream or frozen yogurt?

RT: Ice cream

RT: Night or Day?

RT: Day

KS: What are you doing? I’m the one asking questions.

RT: You looked like you needed help.


KS: Three more questions or the end of this interview?

RT: Three more and make them good.

KS: The last three are coming from the Soul Pancake book so you know they gonna be fire:

KS: “What’s a risk you haven’t had the guts to take yet?”

RT: I haven’t had the stomach organs to drop out of school to focus on music.

KS: “What’s one thing you learned that blew your mind?”

RT: Learning that Santa wasn’t real….It’s just weird that parents who celebrate this Holiday would blatantly lie to their kids but it’s probably not the only thing they lie about.

KS: “What’s one song or piece of music should every person experience?”

RT: “Cause I Love You” by Lenny Williams... ICONIC.

KS: Ok thank you any last words before I cancel you out of this interview?