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New Restaurant Alert! The Down-low on Dog Town Franks


Oh, the Evans blues. We all experience it. We walk day after day to the same dining hall, and the food all seems to look and taste the same. To amend this doldrum, we are willing to pay outrageous prices to order food that has spice, taste, and flavor (no tea, no shade).


Unfortunately, after the delivery fee and service charge, we end up spending two to three times the price! But never fear, a new, walkable, affordable restaurant has moved into Decatur, and it’s packing a surprising amount of punch.


Dog Towne Franks is located on College Ave, right next to our tried and true favorites Ebrick and Piece of Cake. Walk into the tiny restaurant and you’ll find yourself surrounded by eclectic art from local artists around Atlanta. During my meal, it was so nice to look at the various skateboard sculptures and paintings.

Photo Credit: Margaret Poore

Only a three minute walk from campus or Avery Glen, Dog Towne Franks is the perfect location for those Evans blues munchies. For those of us that are balling on a budget, the franks are at an affordable price range. And never fear my vegetarian friends! The place can customize any of the dogs to include a veggie sausage.

Photo Credit: Margaret Poore

For my meal, I ordered a Tecate beer, El Jefe dog, and a side of tater tots. The El Jefe was a german bratwurst topped with avocado, onions, tomato, jalapenos, cilantro, and cilantro creme. The bun was perfectly toasted and absolutely delicious. The side of tots were huge! For $3 you get a portion that can easily feed you and a friend. The beer was ice cold and reasonably priced. Overall, Dog Towne Franks is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to enjoy a meal away from Evans for a reasonable price.


Price of meal, beer, & tots: $15.09.

Margaret is a sophomore who is always ready to learn about the wonders of the world. Having lived in five states across the South, Margaret fearlessly takes on challenges-- from different places to unfamiliar disciplines. With an intended major in Political Science, Margaret is eager to engage in conversations with people from all backgrounds. In her spare time, you can find Margaret sipping on a mocha latte.
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