Issues in Main Hall: Is It Still Livable?

Photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash


It is no secret at Agnes that Main Hall is a bit of a disaster. With it being the oldest building on campus it is bound to have a multitude of issues and problems, but what is starting to concern students is how many can it have while being qualified as healthy and livable?


Recently, Main residents had a building meeting to discuss current issues and future plans to fix the problems. These issues are emitted from the first floor where students do not reside.


One of the most prominent issues started with the bathrooms. After a plumbing leak into an office on the first floor, all bathrooms on the east side of the building were shut down. This was inconvenient as only one toilet on the fourth floor was working and everyone Had to use a space made for less people. Students also had to use Rebekah for any kitchen activities because Main’s kitchen space was unfit.


A close second involves the basement which is currently under construction. With no washers and dryers, all Main resident are required to visit other dorms to do laundry until the beginning of November. Washers and dryers were initially said to be available to use two weeks into the semester, but that wasn’t the case as everyone has to continue to wait a few more weeks.


Besides those issues, Main also had a variety of structural issues including having water seep into the bottom floors of the building, warped flooring, leaking ceilings, and pipe issues. One of the greatest problems, however, is the lack of air conditioning.


So is Main still healthy and livable? Residence Life on campus as well as tests say yes, but many students disagree. Technically, everything has passed inspections and routine checks. But soon the building is going to need some major renovations to fix the issues that this year’s students have had to deal with.


Photo by yip vick on Unsplash