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Becoming More Productive During Quarantine

Have you ever wondered how this “new way of life” has affected your productivity? I thought about this question for 30 seconds and had my answer. As a student who learns more effectively in-person and through interaction, this online school has been my downfall. I realized that I had gotten very lazy and was no longer motivated to be a productive person. I went from being a 'go-getter' to an exhausted robot! I decided that I needed to face reality and create better habits. Do you want to live your life as a robot or the human that you are?!

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In order for you to be productive and ready for the world, you have to get some sleep. I'm sure you're thinking this is typical advice for any and everyone, you're absolutely right. Getting at least 6-8 hours of sleep is more beneficial than you think. Dr. Matthew Carter's Ted Talk spoke about "the science of sleep (and the art of productivity)” and it was very informative. Dr. Carter stated that when we are sleeping our bodies are releasing growth hormones, fat metabolism, and keeping infections away! Think of sleep as a healthy habit because your productivity and happiness depends on it. If you're unsure on how to relearn going to sleep I got you covered! If you own any Apple devices utilizing 'Sleep Mode', it's an in-app function that you'll find when clicking on your Alarm app. Sleep Mode allows people to set a sleep and wake time based on personal preference. At about an half hour, your phone will start it's wind down process by dimming the brightness and changing the screen to night mode. At your bedtime, your phone will automatically go on 'Do Not Disturb', silencing all notifications. This allows you to get a good night's rest without distraction. If you're an Android user that's fine, just manually set your alarm for sleep and wake! Another useful tip might be to relax yourself an hour before your bedtime, so you can easily fall asleep. I found that drinking hot chamomile tea after a hot shower helps me sleep well.

Dr. Matthew Carl's TedTalk: https://www.ted.com/talks/dr_matthew_carter_the_science_of_sleep_and_the_art_of_productivity/transcript

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Another way to become more productive is by organizing your day, the old school way! I tried taking advantage of synchronizing my calendars from my MacBook, iPad, and iPhone. However, it was just another distraction for me. I find that writing down my tasks in a prioritized way alongside my goals has been way more beneficial! To do this effectively, there will have to be some consistency because if you're not doing this weekly/daily then you won't reap the benefits. Here are a few images of my time blocking schedule. 

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Last but not least, take the time to journal. I like to think about journaling as the way we engage with our ideas and feelings. I have two Moleskine journals that I use for personal self reflection and business brainstorms. Becky Kane’s article "The 15-Minute Habit Worth Making Time For", quoted Neurologist Judy Willis: the practice of writing can enhance the brain's intake, processing, retaining, and retrieving of information. Wouldn’t you like to enhance your brain? I have already started doing these things and have improved academically!

Becky Kane's Article: https://blog.doist.com/journaling/

Jamissa Rainey

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