"Sylly" Week Stress

“Sylly” Week Stress

Everyone seems to focus and talk about the stress that midterms and finals bring upon us. However, no one seems to take into consideration the stress of syllabus week, or as we like to call it, “sylly” week. For me, new-semester-stress begins two weeks before the end of break and climaxes on the first day of class. A new semester means new classes, a new workload, and new professors to get accustomed to. Change can be hectic and stressful, which is why it’s important to take time for yourself. Here are a few activities to help you get through the first few weeks back (or in my case, the entire semester!):



I’m not kidding when I say the mall is my second home. I’m not only able to de-stress, but am able to shop until I drop. Whether I have my eye on a hot new outfit from PINK or admiring Urban Decay’s new collection in Sephora, I believe you should never leave the mall empty-handed. As I always say, “If you work hard, you should play hard!” So come home with those shopping bags full of happiness, it will certainly be a day well spent *(pun intended)!  

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FriendsStranger Things... and repeat! Take a break from your studies and re-watch some of your favorites. It will certainly take your mind off of the first paper that’s due… oh $#!%… that’s due tomorrow?!

season 1 spit take GIF by Stranger ThingsSocial Time

Plan a date night to cuddle and watch a movie with your cutie (don’t forget the pizza!) or hit up the city with the girls. Never take free time for granted, you are supposed to look forward to fun weekends out!

excited dance party GIFBath Bombs

LUSH Bath Bombs. Need I say any more? I couldn't think of a better way to cope with stress than taking a late-night bubble bath. They’re comforting, colorful, and have a scent that leaves you dreaming of better days… move over diamonds, I think I have found my new best friend!


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Nature Walks

Fresh air clears cluttered minds. After sitting in class for most of the day, it’s important to disconnect for awhile. Taking a walk will help you sort out all those thoughts and allow you to take in the beauty of nature.

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Sweets & Treats!

Whether it be a chocolate milkshake from Eddie’s Sweet Shop on Metropolitan Ave. or a #10 from Wendy’s, we all need to treat ourselves! Find your favorite go-to comfort food (pizza fixes everything people) and give yourself a break. The gym can certainly wait another day… or week...

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Now that you know a few ways to unwind before the grind of a new semester, it will be less scary and stressful than you imagined. As important as your workload is, so are you! So don’t forget to de-stress (and to finish that paper due tomorrow…)

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