Pros and Cons of Napping



Lets face it, for most college students naps are just a normal part of the day. We can nap in between classes, after class, before work, after doing homework (sometimes while doing homework), or to just procrastinate because we are so darn tired. While naps are great, there are, of course, some down sides to them.

Pro #1

Naps can restore your alertness and improve your performance on whatever you’re doing. So, maybe a nap before class or while doing homework isn’t such a bad idea. You can then go to class feeling refreshed and ready to learn. That is….if you are able to get up.


Con #1

Getting up from a nap is never easy. You have to have a strong will to not go back to sleep, and get homework done or make it to class on time. Naps should be limited to less than 45 minutes so you don’t go into a deeper sleep. If they are longer than 45 minutes  you will probably have a more difficult time waking up, and will likely feel more groggy when you do wake up. Being groggy in class will not help in learning so be sure to limit your nap times.

Pro #2

Great way to procrastinate. Not feeling up to doing that assignment just yet? Nap! It will leave you refreshed and ready to take it on when you wake up. Just feeling lazy and not ready to do anything just yet? Take a nap! I find napping is a great way to procrastinate because as long as I am asleep, it is not eating away at me that I still have work to get done. *shrugs*


Con #2

Terrible way to procrastinate. Often times I have found myself scrambling at the last minute to get my work done because I slept too long. While I still continue to do it, as I am sure many college students do as well, there are probably better ways to procrastinate. For example, catch up on a show or hangout with friends.

Pro #3

Trying to get out of plans? Not sure how to respond to a text and want more time to think? Did someone text you and you really don’t feel like answering right now? Just “take a nap” or actually take a nap and respond later with “sorry! I was taking a nap” because almost every single college student will understand that naps are kind of important.


Con #3

You can miss out on opportunities you could have gotten had you not been napping. Best friend or significant other texts you to get food but you miss it because you were napping. Professor offers impromptu extra credit and you miss the notification because you were napping.


I am a major advocate for naps and take them whenever I can. I nap when I get home because I have an hour plus commute home everyday, so I am usually pretty tired. But what I find to be the most useful time to nap is when I have a project or assignment due the next day but I am so unbelievably tired. What I do, that i learned from a roommate, is nap for 20 minutes, do work for an hour, and repeat until your work is complete. It is difficult to get back up after 20 minutes, but it is just enough to get you energized to get more work done.


Happy napping!