I Never Meditate but then I tried Headspace

Anyone that knows me knows that I don’t mediate. I thought it was lame, that it made no sense to meditate and that it was a waste of 3, 5, or even 10 minutes when instead, you can be getting your homework or projects done. I use to think that way but not anymore.


This past week I was beyond stressed and feeling it was too early for a mental breakdown.  I went scrolling through my phone, going on social media and the app store and saw an advertisement about meditating I was too stressed and thought, “what’s the worse that can happen?”  So I took a chance and downloaded the app, Headspace.


I was first introduced to the app on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, where he had one of the (makers) come to the show talk about the inspiration for the app as well as give a small sample of what it’s like to the audience and viewers at home.


So last Thursday,  after feeling like I was stressed to the point of crying, I gave Headspace a chance, I mean what was the absolute worst that could happen?  



I downloaded the app and made an account. They asked why I would need to meditate.

After the 3 minutes, I took a look at my surroundings and looked at the table with all my notebooks, laptop with my unfinished paper, and my tablet with my math textbook all staring back at me, demanding my attention.



I looked back at them and felt a bit anxious and stressed but also felt a bit of peace. The idea that I would be able to destress and not get myself all anxious about the workload was an appealing thought. In time I would be able to accomplish the workload one step at a time.



By the end of the night, I was able to get most of my work done. But I didn't look at the glass half empty like I used to but instead half full,  knowing that I got most of my work done. It’s better to get some done than none done I told myself and went on my way home. Once I was home and into my room, the peacefulness continued as I put my bag down and took a little time to relax before I went to sleep and was able to sleep for more than a half hour that night.



The next time I went on,  I was able to take a couple of moments at work to use the app again. This time I was able to hide in between some book stacks and take a moment for myself. It first asked me how I was doing that day and because I was again very stressed at work I said I wasn't doing too well. They gave me the option on how I deal with stressful moments, just what I needed. It gave me the option to do either 3 or 5 minutes like last time. I chose the time I wanted and started meditating.


After having those moments of peace I went back to work and the demanding students and faculty members with their issues and concerns and was able to help them without feeling overwhelmed by their load of questions and people coming up me and my co-workers wanting a response to their problems.


I know meditating is a new thing that some people are trying but coming from a skeptic like myself, mediating is really good and something that I think I will continue for now on.