How Becoming Healthy Made Me A Better Person

A couple months ago my sister signed up my family to do the Bronx Zoo annual Run for the Wild 5K. This is a walk and run event that raises money for the WCS, Wildlife Conservation Society. This foundation raises money and awareness as well as work and protect animals and their homes.

I know myself well enough that I am way too out of shape to run a 5k but I do feel comfortable enough to walk one. Especially since in the beginning of the year I was walking around Walt Disney World Parks and for all those who been there, they know it is a large work out.



And since then I haven’t really been working out that much. I will take the shortest route to class, and to work. Also I would always take the elevator and only go to class and to our university center since my friends already meet there and because there are two places currently there to eat and the bookstore has some snacks there too that one could as well. So there was no reason to go anywhere else. Well that had to change.


Once I decided on this challenge I told my friends. Both were equally shocked. Me and the gym are two things that never would be found in a sentence together. So they thought I was crazy. When I told them the reason for this challenge they had a better understand but I could sense there was a part of them that didn’t really believe that I would go about this challenge or at the least, actually go through with it. One of my friends called me on facetime to actually laugh at me.


(Yup. That really happened)


Not long after did I make this decision did I notice that Adelphi was having their #AU30Day Challenge for the month of March. This is an event they have for the past four years and have been away for the Adelphi community to encourage everyone to go the gym, eat healthy, and even focus on their mental health as well. This is an optional challenge that anyone can join and everyday for that 30 days you post a photo on Instagram using the hashtag AU30DayChallenge and the day that you posting, to show ways that you are focusing on your health for that month. One week later in one of my classes my professor had us create a 28 Day Challenge that we would either start an activity or give something up for those days as a type of experiment so now I had two challenges that would keep me in check and push me to keep my gym challenge successful and not fall though.




So I got going. I wore clothes that were acceptable for the gym, adidas track pants and a decent t-shirt, and wore sneakers and started small. I started small walks on the gym and eating less greasy food. As time went on I decided to add to the momentum and each time i noticed I would be able to walk a little longer or add a couple runs in here in there. At times I would go to the gym with friends but most of the time I would go alone and had that time to relax and focus on keeping my mind in check at the same time. This helped a lot it came to doing homework. I wasn’t as nervous or distracted by stress and overwhelming thoughts so I was okay to focus on the homework itself and get the task or assignment that I needed to complete done with and able to move to the next task until I was able to get it all done.



Since starting this adventure I have noticed I am healthier and are more conscious with what I put into my body, I am more aware with my mental health and I am a tad happier as well. What I can’t believe is that I waited so long to do something like this and that I should have done this sooner.