Car Zen for the Anxious Driver

Driving does not come easy for everyone. Take it from the girl who has had a fear of driving since day one. From getting into a terrible car accident to taking out a pole through the McDonald’s drive-thru, I have not had the best experience behind the wheel. To be a “good” driver it takes patience, practice, and the willingness to get out on the road with the other so-called “good” drivers. Some of us take the car out the second we get our license, while others are just relieved to have passed at all (third time's the charm)! Here are a few tips on how to cope with car anxiety whether you are a new driver or an anxious driver like me:

Private Lessons

One can always benefit from a few extra lessons. Sometimes we need that push to get us back out on the road in the first place. Having an experienced instructor in the passenger seat will allow for you to learn and practice at your own comfortable pace. Besides, no one likes their parents stomping on the imaginary breaks!

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Most will agree that cruising down the highway to some music can make for a more enjoyable experience, especially when you are stuck in traffic. However, as a new driver, your car does not have to be a full-blown Twenty One Pilots rock concert. Loud music can be distracting and can cause you to lose focus on what’s most important: the road! Consider turning the volume down… for now!

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Speed Kills

Whatever you do; wherever you are going… do NOT speed! Go at your own reasonable pace and if you have to leave a bit earlier to get to that 9AM lecture class than do so. Haste makes waste. An accident that could have been easily prevented by adhering to the speed limit could take up your entire day (and don’t forget about those sky-high car insurance rates).

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Positive Vibes

I always talk myself down as soon as I stick my key in the ignition. Instead of telling yourself that you are a “bad driver” try reverse psychology to boost your confidence. Remind yourself that if the person who just cut you off or the 90-year-old in the car next to you can do it, so can you!

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We all can’t be drivers the second we get our license. I still struggle with this on a daily basis. Being unable to drive yourself can make you feel like a burden to others and incapable of having your own independence... but if you aren’t ready to drive, you just aren’t and that is ok too. Compared to the rest of your life, this time is miniscule. So with a few new tips in mind, whether you are out on the road or not, embrace those car zen essentials!