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Why We Love Our Mumma’s!

Mother’s Day may feel like the yearly day when you spend a Saturday panicking because you forgot and realising that you are a terrible child while emailing Moonpig in the hope that you can at least get a card home on time. But what it really is deep down is an opportunity to show to your Mum, Step-Mum, Gran, Aunt – any strong female in your life – that you appreciate all they have done for you! At Her Campus Aberdeen we LOVE our Mums and know that we have them to thank for the young women we have become – not to brag but we think they’ve done a pretty good job! So we have taken the time to share with you what we love about our Mothers this Mother’s Day and we hope this will inspire you to call your Mum and let her know just how amazing she is!



Laura Rennie: Why I’m thankful for my mum: ‘I’ve definitely become more and more thankful for my Mum as I’ve gotten older. I’ve realised I’ve started to become more and more like her! I feel like she’s definitely shaped the woman I am now and I definitely don’t let her know enough. I’m thankful for her being there on the other end of the phone whenever I need a chat (everyday) and I’m happy to now be at the age where I can share a gin or three with her!’


Freya Mortimer: ‘She’s like my conscience, she can offer advice on my problems before I’ve even mentioned the fact they exist!’


Alice Low: ‘I love my mum because during my unusual upbringing of living all over the world, she has made every hotel, apartment, house, city and country feel like home.’


Rhona Taylor: ‘I love my Mum because she is my best friend. I think in life we realise who our best friends are when we are feeling at our worst, they are the only person who is able to make you feel your best again and my Mum can always do that. I also love her because she is very strong but she definitely doesn’t realise it.’


Darby Rourick: ‘My mom is a fantastic person. I have a knack for finding ‘replacement moms’ when I am far from home, but that has never bothered my mom. She doesn’t get jealous when I call other people mom and she never gets upset when I forget to call. I live far from home, but she always knows how to make me feel better. She once told me about a scientific study that found that girls don’t need to see their mom in person to feel better, just the sound of their mom’s voice is like a hug to them. I don’t know if that 100% scientifically true, but it makes me feel better and that’s what she was intending.’


Aleisha Douglas: ‘I’m thankful for my mother because she taught me the importance of self-love. I’m the person I will spend all my time with, so it’s never a bad thing to love yourself the most. Also, she taught me that shaving with conditioner leaves your skin super silky smooth!’


Freya Bachell: ‘Over the last few years I have gained a crazy amount of respect for my mum. She has to be one of the strongest women I know. She really is the glue that holds my family together, especially during tough times. I have three older brothers, and together we four kids are all very opinionated and strong headed, so I have to applaud my mum for managing to put up with our obnoxiousness for so long! Also, she cooks the best meals, so I’m very thankful for that (especially for all the chocolate cakes!).’

Currently a 3rd year undergraduate at the University of Aberdeen studying English Literature. And the President and Editor in Chief of Her Campus Aberdeen.
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