Why Lizzo is THE icon of 2019

Turns out she’s 100% that b*tch

In Detroit, Michigan, in the wondrous year of 1988, our Lord and Saviour Melissa Viviane Jefferson i.e. Queen Lizzo was born. After moving to Houston, Texas she began to showcase her incredible singing talent locally before being signed to Atlantic records. After a host of banging tunes, and exceptional singles, she released her 3rd studio alum ‘Cuz I Love You’ which ended up 6th on the Billboard 200 – we stan being successful.


Since then, her fame has skyrocketed both in traditional media and online, leaving many people utterly shook by her talent, vocals, and infectious smile. Here is why Lizzo is the icon of our generation.

The Talent


I was planning on leaving this section devoid of words and only having  This video playing on repeat but I decided that it was best to explain such an iconic vocal talent (but seriously watch the damn video).

What makes Lizzo’s art so incredible is not only the smooth, beautiful vocals and bouncy raps, but her ability to adapt to literally any genre that she is currently vibing with. For example, in album tracks ‘Cuz I Love You’ and ‘Jerome’ her voice becomes sultry, smooth, and accompanied by the slower R&B bass, makes for incredible power ballads. However, in tracks like ‘Juice’ there is a definite pop flare, with its energetic melody and lyrics. But the queen of versatility doesn’t end there, and loves to dabble in darker and guttural pop, leaning into aspects of rap and hip hop. Her Iconic banger ‘Tempo’ ft Missy Elliot serves its purpose as a club hit mixed with the 90’s vibes we all love and crave.

While her big performances are a must watch (see the video above) a personal favourite is this performance as it showcases her beauty, personality, and outstanding vocals in just over 15 minutes.

In short, there ain’t nothing Lizzo can’t do.

The Positivity


Lizzo uses her music and presence on social media to cultivate a body positive community based in righteous self-love.  Her songs are filled with positive messages for women: on R&B banger ‘Scuse me’ she sings “I don’t need a crown to know that I’m a queen.”

Whether she is aware of it or not, being a successful black, plus size woman brings inspiration to many who previously did not have such an important role model before. Being unapologetically herself, and constantly confident when in the public’s brutal eye not only demands respect but also creates a culture of positivity that follows her every move. She is a true inspiration.

She is smashing through stereotypes and inspiring an entire generation of woman to embrace themselves, and love themselves despite what anyone says.

The Views on Politics


While she loves the idea of women loving themselves and fully embracing self-help, she is rightly critical of brands monetising female vulnerability and the misogyny that infiltrates self-help initiatives. On the capitalisation of self-care, Lizzo speaks of ‘a blessing and a curse’ as she recognises the importance of the self-help movement but is wary of big companies exploiting insecurities, as they have always done, but in a way that further belittles and causes insecurity in individuals.

As well as fighting for social causes, our lord and saviour is also firmly liberal in her political views. After President Obama featured her funky tune ‘Juice’ on his summer playlist she tweeted of the importance of voting and what it meant to her, while also reminding her loyal followers that she would never vote Trump – again, what an icon.

“I’m not sure who I’m voting for yet, but it for damn sure isn’t Trump,”

She also shows her followers that it is important and necessary to stay involved and interested in the political process, laying out some of her views on Democratic candidates for the 2020 presidency. On a twitter spree she spoke of the ageism surrounding Bernie Sanders and her views on Elizabeth Warren, however, she has yet to endorse a political candidate stating she only wants to move conversation from ‘petty to productive’.

The Flute


Lastly, it wouldn’t be a Lizzo article without a mention of her unreal and uncanny ability to play the jazz flute. This talented Queen plays her flute in almost every performance and it is always a crowd-pleaser. In one of my favourite interview clip’s from a British chat show ever, our Queen shows Jonathan Ross and Jack Whitehall just how talented she really is.

There really is no option but to stan.




All images from Google.