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What Watching Old TV Is Like

The Best and Worst Things About Watching Old TV


Best Bits

Obviously one of the best things is that if you love the show, you’ve got years’ worth of episodes to catch up on!



So no need to search for a new show for ages! And no need to spend ages trying to figure out what to watch each time you sit down.


Plus, you can really get into the show, and not worry about nearing the end!


Worst Bits

However, there are definite down sides too. Like the fact that you can’t talk about the show with anyone for fear of the dreaded spoiler…



And it’s not only friends you need to dodge spoilers from. On the internet, one false move and you know the big dramatic end to that show you’ve been watching for months.

You definitely can’t look up anything about the show, for fear of finding out a lot more than you bargained for. Even trying to find out where you recognise that actor from can end in disaster.



At least on the plus side, you can just ignore the rest of the world, and really get down to the important stuff: finishing that next season! 



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