Welcome to The Committee Sophie May Brady

Welcome to the committee Sophie May Brady


So, Sophie, it’s the start of a new year and there’s a new HC committee, are you excited?

Very, I can’t wait for this new year ahead and for all of our new members to come and see what we’re about


Okay, so as one of our editors on the Committee I think our readers would like to know a bit about who you are and what you do. So are you ready for all my questions?

(nervous laugh) Let’s do this


First things first, tell us your favourite thing about being a part of Her Campus Aberdeen?

I love how once you join, you automatically have a whole extra girl group to hang out with! Everyone is so hilarious and super friendly.


Speaking of Newcomers, give us your most embarrassing Freshers story?

While I definitely have a lot of embarrassing night out stories- the most embarrassing thing about me is that I’ve never actually been to Freshers! I missed it in first year because I was unwell and in second year I was studying abroad. But a typical story would be just losing my valuable possessions I.e. phone, room key, coat etc.

I wouldn’t worry too much, I’m sure you have made up for all your missed party nights at some point?

Yes I definitely have


What are you looking forward to most this year?

I’m excited to finally be moving out of student accommodation and have my own place. I’m completely obsessed with home décor, so you will definitely be able to find me in Homesense this year spending way too much money.



What are you dreading most this year?

Well now that I’m going into third year, this is where my grades start to count. Although I’m dreading looming stress levels, I do have a positive outlook on the term, as my courses look really interesting.

As a fourth year student, all I can say is stay organised and Good Luck!


Tell us a fun fact about you?

Fun fact about me- ummm a tough one hahaha. I’ve just come back from a month of summer school at the University of Nottingham in Malaysia! Though Politics was my main subject, we also had culinary classes, went on hikes, and had mandarin writing lessons. It was such an incredible experience and I made friends for life- would highly recommend!

Wow that sounds like a once in a lifetime experience! Very Jel


It’s now time for your quick-fire questions, you ready?

I think so…

Sun or snow holiday??


Heels or flats?


Night bunny or morning bird?

Night bunny

And last, but certainly not least, what's your star sign?


Oh looks like we have an enthusiastic, energetic optimist within our committee! Thank you for answering our questions, looking forward to the year ahead!

Me too! Thank you!


Photos are Sophie's Own