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We Ranked Every Grey’s Anatomy Character Exit

Grey’s Anatomy is more than a show; it’s a cult. But sadly every cult has members that are destined to leave (and some that stick around for far too long). With this in mind, Lucy and I decided to spend some of our spare lockdown time compiling a list of every Grey’s Anatomy exit and rank them according to… well nothing really, just how much they changed our lives. Also included are the episodes that they left in, in case you like trauma as much as the average Grey’s fan does xo 


Bottom Tier: Callie and Arizona’s Wedding Dresses 


Owen Hunt (TBD): -50/10  

Lucy: He hasn’t left yet, we’re just manifesting our dreams 

Meridyth: Manifesting his exit as much as I’m manifesting my degree

April Kepner (14, 24): 1/10  

Lucy: If he proposes to you via a Proclaimers flashmob, he doesn’t deserve a second  chance 

Meridyth: The exit was nice for intern April Kepner, but it wasn’t worthy of ICON April  Kepner 

Heather (10, 2): 2/10  

Lucy: Uncalled for death 

Meridyth: The writers painted a picture of her amazing future and then they shocked us  when they shocked her, 12/10 would rewrite 

Alex (16, 16): 2/10  

Lucy: Nonsensical  

Meridyth: An exit unworthy of our king 

Adele (9, 10): 3/10  

Lucy: Unnecessarily sad 

Meridyth: I had to google how she died 

Izzie (6,12): 3/10   

Lucy: She kinda just ran away? 

Meridyth: George died so Izzie could bolt? Uno reverse 


Mid Tier: The Musical Episode  


George (5, 24): 4/10 

Lucy: Meh 

Meridyth: The shock of the century but ultimately bland 

Burke (3, 25): 5/10 

Lucy: Kind of a baller way to go but he was the worst! 

Meridyth: Not worthy of Christina Yang 

Callie (12, 24): 5/10 

Lucy: She ran off with a Penny? 

Meridyth: You could tell the writers weren’t happy with her 

Ross (10,24): 6/10 

Lucy: He went to Switzerland which is a vibe 

Meridyth: Moved to Switzerland to learn from Christina? A mood 

Ellis Grey (15, 16): 6/10 

Lucy: RIP Sarah Paulson  

Meridyth: The wholesome mother/daughter reunion she couldn’t offer while breathing 

Denny Duquette/Henry Burton (2, 27): 6/10 

Lucy: If you didn’t cry you have no soul 

Meridyth: I have a soul 

Stephanie (13, 24): 6/10 – 

Lucy: Quitting your job for a gap yah sounds about right 

Meridyth: She deserved better than Grey’s could offer and she KNEW that 

Penny (12, 23): 6/10 

Lucy: Thank goodness she’s gone  

Meridyth: People it doesn’t hurt to say goodbye to Perfect Penny 

Thatcher (15, 11): 7/10 

Lucy: Only took his wife dying from the hiccups for him to find his soul 

Meridyth: His purpose was to give Meredith a wholesome moment, took him a lifetime  but he figured it out eventually 

Lexie (8, 24): 7/10 -  

Lucy: This is too sad to think about  

Meridyth: The saddest way to get a kind of happy end 


Top Tier: Perfect Penny  


Arizona (14, 24): 8/10 

Lucy: Of course the Queen herself had a good ending, it’s what she deserved 

Meridyth: The same exit as Callie but done RIGHT 

Derek Shepherd (11, 21): 8/10 

Lucy: Only this high because we were relieved that he was gone  

Meridyth: The only death I ever cheered at 

Mark (9, 2): 9/10 

Lucy: Still hurts to this day 

Meridyth: Nothing broke like my heart when he died 

Christina (10, 24): 50,000/10 

Lucy: She’s currently munching Swiss cheese and chocolate, which is what she  


Meridyth: Meredith isn’t the sun, Christina is 


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