Rector Elections 2017

Rector Elections 2017



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I’m not going to lie, I knew very little about the role of Rector at Aberdeen University before writing this article.  I knew that Maggie Chapman was the current Rector, and I’ve seen posters around campus and received emails in my inbox about the upcoming elections, but I wasn’t clear on what the rector really did for the university and its students.

The Lord Rector of the University of Aberdeen is a position which has counterparts across many ancient universities, and is the student body’s main representative on the University Court, dating back as far as 1860.  Some famous names have held the post over the past few centuries, with past Rectors of the University of Aberdeen including: steel industrialist Andrew Carnegie (1911-1914), former Prime Minister Winston Churchill (1914-1918), and actor Iain Cuthbertson (1975-1978).

In more recent years, they have worked alongside the President of the Students’ Association, to represent students in all major decisions regarding the university.  The role is important because it allows students to have a direct relationship with someone who has a say on how the university is run.  Students can contact the Rector to bring up any issues and concerns they have, via email or during open surgeries which are held occasionally on campus.

There are four candidates running for Rector this year, and whoever receives the most votes will hold the position for the next three years.  Maggie Chapman is running for the role again, alongside Andrew Bowie, Angus Hepburn, and Fiona Kennedy, who students can find out more on and their plans as Rector on the university website.  Campaigning for this year’s Rector elections has already began, and voting took place between 9.00am on Tuesday 14th November and 5.00pm on Thursday the 16th November. The winner was supposed to be announced on the 16th as well, but due to a complaint in campaigning it is under review, and the winner will be announced some time this week. 

If you want to find out more about the elections, click the link below to watch a video made by Aberdeen University!