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Our Very Own: Gillian Crighton

Name: Gillian Crighton

Age: 20

Degree Studying: Primary Education 3rd year


Hercampus Aberdeen’s Vice President, Tamarra, managed to catch up with Gillian during their lunch break at university. Here’s what Gillian had to say:


HC: Hi Gillian! How long have you been in HC for?

Gillian: Only one year! A long year though…


HC: So, outside of primary teaching and HC what do you do?

Gillian: I work part-time as a befriender, which basically means I care for a 14 year old girl with learning difficulties whose parents need rest and a bit of care.


HC: Amazing! We had no idea! We do know however that you’ve gotten yourself a cute lil chap

Gillian: Hahaha yeah, I’m a very lucky girl, what can I say.


HC: Let’s talk about your other love interest, the Hercampus Aberdeen University(HCAU) mascot, your pup!

Gillian: She’s a gem! I love her so much, my mum’s obsessed! There’s actually a charity that works for French bull dogs called ‘The French Bulldog Saviours’. They’re unbelievable . I would love HCAU to get involved with some charity work with them this year! In the meantime though, follow her on Instagram @minnie_the_frenchie_, you will not regret it!


HC: Haha! Who doesn’t need a cute pup on their timeline? Since we’re on the topic of dogs, who’s your favourite Disney pup?

Gillian: Ohhhh, it has to be Pluto!


HC: Favourite Disney character?

Gillian: Minnie Mouse, hence why my dog’s called Minnie. Duh…


HC: Favourite food?

Gillian: Chicken nuggets, probably should’ve said something more sophisticated but whatever.


HC: And lastly, favourite Aberdeen night out?

Gillian: Deffo has to be a prohibition bottle of prosecco ,followed by a Skite Wednesday. What’s better?!


HC: Thanks for talking to us Gillian!

Gillian: Pleasure was mine. Get a doggy pic in this! 

President for Pink level Her Campus Aberdeen!
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