Our Modern-Day Role Models


Over the years, our role models have changed. Some of the people our parents and even grandparents looked up to can still be considered inspirations, but those who we look up to now are very different. I have delved into some of Her Campus Aberdeens modern-day role models to see just who we love.  

  1. The QUEEN that is Bimini Bon Boulash  Honestly, this should need no explanation. Bimini is a star for so many reasons, not limited to her fashion, her sass, her queer brilliance and just all-round legendary vibes. 
  2. Yara Shahidi  Also known as Zoey Johnson in Black-ish. Yara is a force to be reckoned with. Not only is she a fantastic actress with a starring role in her own spin-off show, but she also enrolled at Harvard University in 2018 and is a passionate activist. She has even gone on record to say she would put her career on the line to keep talking politics.  
  3. Sierra Schultzzie  Sierra is all about body positivity and inclusivity which we adore in Her Campus. Our treasurer Lucy loves her wholesome and uplifting content so much that it makes her day! 

  4. Carrie Dayton  Carrie promotes inclusivity and frequently talks about politics and social justice. We are a very passionate bunch at HC, so we love that Carrie uses her platform to push social movements and positivity.  

  5. Little Mix  Little Mix – and I include Jesy here as I know she has left but I love her – are a powerhouse who have fought for years for women’s rights. All the girls are regularly involved in social justice activism and 90% of their songs are feminist power anthems.  

  6. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez  Need I say more? Whenever I need to remember how badass women are, I just watch a video of AOC telling congressmen why they are wrong. Very satisfying.  

  7. Grace Victory  Grace was recently discharged from the hospital after giving birth AND having COVID just before Christmas. Her Instagram is full of mental health and self-love advice and we at HCAU – but especially our secretary Iona – are here for it! 

  8. Amariyanna Copeny 

    She may be almost 10 years younger than me, but ‘Little Miss Flint’ has done more at 13 years old than I could ever dream to achieve in my whole life. This amazingly brave and inspirational young woman has not only raised awareness of the Flint water crisis but has also raised money to support underprivileged children in her community and across the USA.  

  9. FKA Twigs  Not only is her music phenomenal but at HCAU we are lovers of FKA Twigs for her ability to be so open and honest about the abuse she endured at the (alleged) hands of Shia LaBeouf. We are constantly in awe of women who find the strength to talk out.  

  10. Chanel Miller  Her panels are inspirational and her artwork incredible. Chanel is a positive role model to us and never fails to cheer up our own Treasurer Lucy!