New Year, New Me?

New Year, New Me?


New Year, new me? Often the phrase seems unavoidable; it appears that a New Year drives us towards change, when really it could be that just a little improvement and acceptance of ourselves that’s needed. Whether things happened the way we wanted or didn’t quite go our way in the year previous, we should always think positively about the year ahead.


I’ve often set New Year goals but haven’t necessarily stuck to them (last years ‘I will go to spin classes at least once a week’ didn’t last long, unsurprisingly). However this year, with improvement in mind, I based my resolutions around what would make me happier rather than how I can change myself, in the hope that this will keep me on track in 2018. I set the New Year’s Resolution – ‘to worry less and not overthink things I can’t change’.


Even if you’re not one to make resolutions, you’re likely to go into the New Year with a slightly different mind-set. I think the first step is to be realistic and secondly to keep in mind that changing your resolution along the way is okay, just don’t give up entirely!


With this in mind I was curious to know what some of my fellow HCAU girls aimed to achieve in the New Year. Here’s what they had to say:


‘My New Year’s Resolution is to be the healthiest and fittest I’ve ever been!’ – Freya Gowans

'To write more articles' - Tamarra Binnie 

'Start to meditate everyday and read more books'- Anna McIver

'Promise to take more time for myself' - Anette Biese 

‘Just do things that I really want to do in life and let go of toxic relationships’ – Natascha Ewert

‘My "resolution" is to not have a resolution - to not set way too ambitious goals that I would inevitably give up but instead embrace myself, flaws and all.’ – Eszter Sólyom

‘To be more of a minimalist’ – Katie Cessford

‘To worry less!! I worry about stuff that I can't change and things that aren't my issues to worry about, or even things that haven't even happened yet!’ – India McLean

‘My resolution is not to have one. I never stick to them!’ – Holly Judge


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