The Lies We Tell Ourselves at University

The Lies We Tell Ourselves at University


I will study and stick to a schedule to do my work

No you won’t, you’ll leave it all until last minute and everything will hit you like a ball to the face

I can totally get through the week without having a mental breakdown

Don’t even try lying to yourself, you’ll be having a crisis on the floor soon

I will spend x amount of money this week and stick to a budget

Girl, no you won’t

I can totally go out tonight and make my 9am tomorrow

On the unlikely event that you do make it, you’ll be sleeping in class

I’ll make a meal plan

You’ll plan to but then you’ll end up living on pot noodles and stuffing your face all week

I can absolutely have a part time job with extra hours and do all my university work

Why do you do this to yourself?


You’ll go for the first 2 weeks and then give up

I will re-write my notes when I get home


I’ll go home and nap then I’ll do my work

You’ll nap until like 8pm have food and then go back to sleep

I’ll do all the required reading and recommended reading

You’ll probably not even make it through the required reading

I’ll only go out for one drink tonight

This is just setting yourself up for failure

I’ll do the dishes tomorrow

No, you won’t, they’ll build up until some brave soul takes the mess on

At the end of the day, University is only part of a small fraction of your life so make the most of it and have fun. If you need to lie to yourself every once in a while, then that’s totally okay.