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How to Keep Somewhat of a Grip on Your Life When at Uni


We all start each year at university with all these plans to make it the most productive year. We all aim to be in the gym every morning at 8 am; to turn up to each class having not only done the required reading, but the extra reading as well; each meal we eat is an Instagram worthy salad, and we are all tucked up in bed by ten o’clock each night. Unfortunately, I don’t think it is ever possible for any single person to live their life as perfectly as that (if you do, please write your own Her Campus article on it, so we can all learn how!) Usually by the second week all our clothes seem to be in the laundry, all that we have in the fridge is one tomato and out of date milk, and we have missed every class because we slept in that morning due to the fact we didn’t get to sleep until four in the morning as we watched ‘just one more episode’ on Netflix…


Here are a few simple tips to help you keep somewhat of a grip on your life when at uni:


  1. SLEEP


This one is so, so, so important! Sleeping is more than just good for making sure you don’t drop off in the 9 am Monday lecture, it can have an impact on the way you feel throughout the day. Without enough sleep you become sluggish, grumpy, and less likely to get involved in activities, whether at uni or out. I’m not suggesting you are all tucked up in bed by nine o’clock, because more often than not, that is not ever possible. At least try to be winding down at around eleven, on nights when you are not going out. Numerous studies have said that we get our best sleep before one or two in the morning, so if we are not going to sleep before then, we are unlikely to have a good night’s sleep. Set a routine to relax yourself, and allow you to go to bed prepared for the day to come.


  1. Write things down

The calendar app on my phone is how I manage to make it through the week with relatively few upsets. The moment I have an event, meeting, or class I put it into my calendar. Not only do I get it on my phone, but I can connect it to my laptop as well, meaning no matter where I am, I am able to see what is going on that day, where I should be, and what I should be preparing for. I also use my calendar beyond just meetings and class. If I know I need to finish a paper, I can see what free time I have and schedule it in. This means I am more likely to sit down and complete it, as I have set myself a time frame. By doing this, you can also keep evenings free, saving you from having to have a cram session at the last minute at midnight in the library!


  1. Take some me time

This one sort of links in with the previous pointer, but make sure to take some me time. You can be running around a mile a minute, but make sure that you don’t burn out! This is so important for your health (because without you making sure to stay healthy, you are going to really struggle to keep any grip on your life this year). Make sure to take some time each evening, whether it’s to chat with friends; make dinner; head to The Bobbin; read a book; Netflix binge. You could even take an extended me time, and see if you could fly to some of the ‘exotic’ locations available from Aberdeen airport for the weekend. Trying to keep somewhat of a grip on your life does not mean that you must give up all fun in exchange for long nights in the library. Just remember to make sure that your me time isn’t 24/7 the whole semester.


  1. Physical health

Sometimes I look at the people on Instagram that seem to live in the gym, and survive on a no sugar, no carb, no calorie, no fun diet, and struggle to understand how they have managed that for longer than one day. This suggestion by no means is telling you to become one of these people. However, I am suggesting that you try and keep some sort of healthy diet, at least once or twice a week. I had to learn this the hard way, but no, a family packet of Doritos does not equate to a healthy balanced meal. What’s more, walking up to the first floor of the library in workout clothes is not the same as doing actual exercise. My suggestion for this one is do it with friends. I always find I do better when I have others motivating me. So make meals together with friends, trying out each other’s family recipes. Go for walks down to the beach in the evening, or even join a gym class together (after-gym selfies are always better when you have someone else looking equally as exhausted as you in them!) By doing it with friends, you have someone to hold you to account, and make sure you don’t spiral into a meal plan of pizza – pasta – take-away.

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