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Her Story: My First Month Of Study Abroad

Her Story: My First Month on Study Abroad


This semester I am lucky enough to be studying in upstate New York, USA. I was so excited before I left at just the possibility of being somewhere completely different to home. Not that I don’t love home, but traveling always exciting.


My Mumma decided to travel with me (any chance for a holiday right?), and after almost missing our connecting flight in Paris due to getting carried away living it up in the airport champagne bar situated right in between Gucci and Chanel, we were on our way to Boston. As soon as I landed in the city I was in love. If you have never been to Boston I would most definitely say it is an absolute must see! The city is just completely beautiful, but my love affair with Boston was brief, and soon enough me and Mum were on our way to New York to move me into my dorm room.


After all the excitement, reality kicked in and I have to admit, during my first week at college in America I felt utterly lost. I didn’t really know where I was, or anyone around me, or what to expect. I found myself checking my phone a lot and reaching out to my friends at home for comfort. I couldn’t really eat properly due to a nervous feeling that was constantly lingering, and sleep was difficult as I kept waking up during the night. Yet, I realised all of this was normal when I spoke to the other international students and sure enough, once I found my routine, I was back to my usual self.


Now I love it here. I haven’t been here long, yet all the people (especially the other international students) who just a month ago were complete strangers are now my family, I have a roommate who has become one of my best friends and a campus I hear myself calling home.

Going forward I know it is perfectly okay not to feel at home in a new place straight away, these things take time and I’ve definitely got my mojo back.


Now for the actual studying part of ‘study abroad’…..fingers crossed.

(Nazareth College, NY.)


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Emily Sullivan

Aberdeen '20

Vice President at HCAU xo Anthropology student at Aberdeen University.
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