HCAU Reviews: No Such Thing As A Fish

HCAU Reviews: No Such Thing As A Fish

Need something new to listen to? Want something a little bit different? No Such Thing as A Fish is a podcast to fill that gap. Created by some of the QI Elves, the people researching the TV show, it is filled with weird and wonderful facts. The podcast follows a similar idea, but is jam-packed with even more information.


Each elf on the podcast presents a fact they have found over the last seven days, with the others having done background research in the same area. The show is split into four parts, one per fact, giving plenty of time for a full explanation of the fact, going into details and information that might otherwise be missed. Given the nature of the facts – much like on QI, wacky and often leaving you with plenty more questions than you started with – the conversation surrounding each fact is as good as the facts themselves.


To give you a taste of what you will find in these 30/40 minute episodes, some of the previous facts which have been included are that GCHQ have their own ghost-hunting club, the heads at Mount Rushmore technically aren’t finished yet, some people’s hobby is hurricane chasing, and even that chocolate is quarantined in Reading!

For even more bizarre and fun facts to entertain you and impress your friends with, No Such Thing as a Fish is definitely the way to go, and is available both on their website (nosuchthingasafish.com) and through most podcast providers.





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