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HCAU Members: Where Are They Now? Eira Ingersdatter Reithaug

HCAU Members: Where Are They Now? Eira Ingersdatter Reithaug



I had the opportunity to have a little chat with our 2015/2016 editor, Eira, and here’s what she had to tell us about her post-graduation life!


HC: Give us a little rundown on what you’ve been up to since you left the grey buildings of Aberdream?

EIR:  I’ve just been trying to re-establish my life in Oslo really! I found a job at a primary school where I work as an assistant, and after living in between places for a while, I moved in with my boyfriend. We just got a gorgeous new flat, so the next few weeks we’ll be busy spackling, painting and moving! I also have a podcast about Harry Potter with one of my friends that I use as a creative outlet, as well as an opportunity to geek out completely.


HC: That sounds exciting, definitely a new chapter! Also, absolutely loving anything HP related, shame it’s in Norwegian so we cannot listen to it! What do you miss the most about AU life?

EIR:  I miss the carefree student lifestyle. I miss not having to wake up before 7am every day and being able to skip lectures if I feel like it. I miss a lot of things about student life, even being in the library during exam season! I think university is such an amazing place, you get to know people who are interested in the same things you are, and everyone’s always up for fun experiences. I miss the societies I was a part of! HC Aberdeen is filled with so many wonderful people, and it’s a bit sad not being a part of it anymore.




HC: How about what is something that you don’t miss at all, if anything?


EIR:  I want to say the weather in Aberdeen, but as we’re currently in our fifth month of snow and below zero temperatures here in Oslo, I’m starting to think the weather is worse here. But I don’t miss rubbish British houses without proper insulation. Back home in Norway I’m at least able to go to sleep without three hot water bottles in my bed, even if it’s -14 outside.


HC: I can guarantee you’re not the only who’s not a fan of the insulations! Since you are back home in Norway now, have you noticed that the four years in Aberdeen made you appreciate home in a different way?


EIR: Definitely. Being away from my home town for so long has made me appreciate the things that bored me, or I was sick of before I moved. Now I enjoy complaining about the stuff I dislike about Oslo, since it’s been so long since I’ve had to care about them!

HC: What was your favourite part of graduating?


EIR: All the traditions that they’ve kept! University here in Norway is very much down to earth, I don’t think my friends who’ve graduated here even had a ceremony, they just got their diplomas in the post. I liked wearing the cape and hat, all the Latin that was spoken and the entire ceremonial way everything was done. And of course, throwing my hat in the air as I’ve seen people do in high school movies ever since I was little.


HC: We do all want to live that High School movie moment! Is there any advice you would give to those also going back home after graduation on how to keep your friends that you made at university?


EIR: Oh my god, I wish I had good advice, so I could give it to myself. I’m so bad at keeping in touch with friends from university, it’s terrible. Luckily now, with social media, you can be sort of present in their lives by snapping and chatting on Instagram, if like me, you’re terrible at arranging Skype calls.


Quick fire:


Cold winter sun or hot summer sun? Hot summer sun! We don’t get enough of it here up in the Arctic.

Kitkat or Kvikk Lunsj? Kvikklunsj! Norwegian chocolate is by far superior to any other.

Facebook or Instagram? Instagram. I don’t even check Facebook most days.

Night is or nights out? In my university days I would have answered nights out, but moving back to Oslo also meant moving away from 50p drinks and back to £8 pints, so for the sake of my personal economy I’ll say nights in.


Thank you for having a wee chat with us, it’s been great hearing from you and we wish you all the best (and lots of followers) for your Harry Potter podcast!

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