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HC Durham’s President: Charlie Cronin!

Name: Charlie Cronin

Age: 21

Chapter: Durham

Committee Position: Campus Correspondent and President

This week our VP got the chance to catch up with our sister chapter, Her Campus Durham. We spoke to Charlie Cronin and here’s all the gossip from their conversation!


HC: Hey Charlie! Now you’re part of our Sister Chapter; Her Campus Durham. Can you tell us a little bit about your role, your team and how you came to join HC Durham?

CC: Hey! I’m Campus Correspondent and President, so I am in charge of overseeing the marketing, publicity and social media for our chapter. I joined Her Campus Durham in my second year because I am interested in pursuing a career in journalism or fashion. We’ve got a really great group of ladies in our Exec Team, and we all get on really well which is a bonus. We’re hoping to make Her Campus Durham a Pink level chapter this year!


HC: Amazing! Now, you’ve said that you get up to loads of fun things at HC Durham but we also noticed that you went to see Justin Bieber on tour this year, you lucky duck! Please tell us about the night before we die of jealousy!

CC: I have always been a Belieber but his latest album, Purpose, is insanely fab, so it was such an incredible night! I went with one of my best friends, so we treated ourselves to a lovely dinner beforehand, and cocktails during the show. He played all of my favourite songs including ‘Company’, ‘What Do You Mean’ and saved ‘Sorry’ for last! There was also a major throwback to 2010 when ‘Baby’ came on. It was definitely one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to!


HC: Still can’t get over the Justin thing, now he obviously is a major babe, but which other celebs do you have crushes on?

CC: I have been binge watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix recently (I am very much #TeamJess) and have a crush on Milo Ventimiglia. I also love Liam Hemsworth and Robert Pattinson.


HC: We totally agree, wedding dates to follow we presume! So, is celebrity culture something you like to write articles about or are you more of a hard hitting girl?

CC: I like to write a mixture of articles. I definitely enjoy writing about pop culture by using lots of GIFs, for example my article about how to be the ultimate Sass Queen. I spent my Year Abroad in Paris last year, so I also enjoyed writing about my experiences there.


HC: Before we finish I’d love to do a bit of a quick fire question round. We’ll kick it off with food; side of fries or a side of salad?

CC: Side of fries! My eating habits are that of a Gilmore Girl (with the occasional avocado if I’m feeling the need to be healthy)


HC: Ice-cream or froyo?

CC: Mmm, I love both to be fair. Probably fro-yo as it always feels that bit healthier, and I love the froyo shop Snog in London.


HC: Tequila or Sambuca?

CC: Tequila, as I hate liquorice.


HC: Marmite or Nutella?

CC: Nutella. I will happily have it on its own by tucking into the jar with a spoon!


Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Charlie, it’s been fab! We can’t wait to hear all of HC Durham’s updates! Sisters forever!!


President for Pink level Her Campus Aberdeen!
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