Five Easy Ways to Save Money at University

Five Easy Ways to Save Money at University



We would be lying if we said we’ve never had those days, where we feel like we are counting every single penny in our purse and bank account, figuring out how is it supposed to get us through the week while also supporting our luxuriously sociable student lifestyle. But it really doesn’t need to be as difficult as you often may think. Here a few helpful tips to allow you not only to have money to spend, but also able to save some while you’re at it.


  1. Get a job that tips- Although working in a bar or a restaurant might sound stressful, hectic and involve later hours, you’ll be getting tips above your monthly salary. It is difficult to predict exactly how many tips you would get per each shift, but knowing your monthly pay means you can plan and live off this while saving any tips you make.


  1. Change your daily habits- While it is easy to fall into the trap of buying a daily (or twice-daily) cup of coffee to get you through a long day in the library, I guarantee you would be shocked to see how much money you can save by bringing your own coffee with you. Splashing out on a £10 thermal travel mug would be well worth the investment in the long run.


  1. Save during the summer- If the balance of your coursework and social life is already too much before adding a job into the mix, work and save during the summer. One option is the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, which runs every year all throughout August and is a great way to earn and save a substantial amount of money fast. Jobs range from bar work to front of house to box office, and although the hours can be pretty intense, this stills leaves plenty of time off to chill or go away on a holiday.


  1. Make the most of student discounts- Signing up to e-mails from ‘Unidays’ and making the most of your student discount while you are eligible is worthwhile. Even though constant emails can be annoying, this will let you know about those days or hours when sites and shops have double-discount or free delivery that can help you save while you shop. Double advantage- this will also make your shopping more guilt-free and “justifiable”!


Hopefully, these simple tips will help you to relieve a little of that budgeting stress and also allow you to save a little as well.

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