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Easy Food for the Exam Period!

Easy food to throw together during exam period


We all know the feeling: It’s exam week, you’re running on three cups of coffee an hour, you’ve been awake for God knows how long, and suddenly you remember: Humans are suppose to actually take in food to stay alive.

Assuming you’re not one of those people who use cooking as a means of procrastination (guilty), you’ll probably panic when you hear your belly grumbling, because how are you supposed to cook? Whether you have 80 pages of facts to cram into your brain or an essay due tomorrow that you’ve not started, there’s probably no time to actually prepare some food, and let’s face it, the interior of your fridge probably isn’t looking all that promising to begin with. Here are some ideas for easy and quick meals that might make you feel better than that ready-made meal from the corner shop:


Tomato soup


One of my favourites, and maybe the quickest meal ever! Just pour a box of tomato passata into a saucepan, add some water, salt and pepper and serve with a slice of toast or some cut up mozzarella cheese. Takes about a minute, tastes great and makes you feel like you put that tiny bit of effort in.


Omelette/Scrambled eggs


I have to admit: I fail at omelettes. I have tried too many times and in the end, I always end up with scrambled eggs. Anyway, they taste just as great and eggs are just amazing to have around. You can put pretty much any vegetable in there (I like to keep frozen vegetables around), add eggs and some cheese on top, if you’re feeling particularly awful. It’s filling, not even that unhealthy and will get you through your studying period without taking up too much time.




The classic! But what to do when you’re all out of sauce? Although I do advise to keep glasses of pesto at all times, there might come a time where you find yourself confronted by an empty cupboard. But worry not, there’s all sorts of things that make excellent pasta sauces. Ketchup is an obvious choice (and obviously, cheese makes everything better), but another great way to spice up the pasta is just olive oil and garlic. Add vegetables if you have any –  nobody’s going to smell your breath anyway while you’re sitting in your room studying, so you should at least enjoy your meal.


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