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Decorating Your Rented Flat

Decorating Your Rented Flat


We all know the struggle of living in a rented flat where you can’t make holes in the walls if you want to hang up pictures or paint the walls. But just because you’re renting, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel at home, right? After all – it’s your living space. In all honesty, rentals can be great as well: you don’t have to commit to live in one place which offers an enormous freedom. Here are some great tips to make that rental feel like home with minimal commitment:


#1 Self-adhesive hooks

At the age of 23, I’m pretty tired of putting up posters on my walls, I miss frames! But most landlords don’t want you to make any holes in the wall. The best solution is self-adhesive hooks (e.g. command hooks)! These are sold in most places, both online and in supermarkets (still, I didn’t know about them until recently). These allow you to put up frames and similar things without causing any damage to the walls – great, huh?! (Oh, and you can always spray paint them in any colour you’d like). You can even put them in the kitchen to save space in your cupboards by hanging things on the walls.

(picture: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/creative-ways-to-use-command-hooks-all-over-the-house-242260?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=tracking&utm_campaign=inline-img-share)


#2 Contact paper

Contact paper is great for any upgrades when you don’t want to commit fully. It is easy to take off if you get bored, so the benefit is enormous. Just remember – the longer the contact paper is on the furniture the more it sticks. You can use a hair dryer or a heat gun if you have issues removing it.

Picture: https://blondebossbabe.com/blog/gold-and-marble-ikea-hyllis-hack/


#3 Curtains

You don’t need to drill any holes to hang curtains – check out this link (http://moodymooch.com/2017/03/14/hang-curtains-without-drill/) to learn how to do it! Curtains can make a home. Let go of the blinds – it’s an unhealthy relationship.

​Picture from: http://moodymooch.com/2017/03/14/hang-curtains-without-drill


#4 Plants

We all know this – but add plants! They make a massive difference and don’t need to be expensive at all.

Picture from: http://www.elledecoration.se/11-romantiska-sovrum-med-bohemisk-touch/


Happy decorating, and remember: invest in things you can bring with you when you move the next time. Also – with rented flats: more is more. Go crazy!

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