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Becoming the Main Character: The Beginning

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This summer I made the decision to try and incorporate more self-care into my life. Not the usual capitalist-driven self-care stating that in order to make yourself feel better, you must buy endless amounts of products such as: facemasks, crystals, etc. No, the kind of self-care I want to implement will actually make a difference to my quality of life and most importantly; it won’t cost a penny!  

This decision arose after a conversation I had with some friends about living in the moment and making the most of our final year at university. We had noticed that our self-care practices had become hard to sustain and no longer left us feeling recharged. Taking time for ourselves to do facemasks, paint our nails, and watch hours’ worth of Netflix was fun but if we were honest with ourselves, it wasn’t really what we needed.  

To me self-care should be about relaxing, allowing you to replenish your energy so that you feel capable of tackling the week ahead. However, it should also make you feel special, so that you experience that ‘main character feeling’ we all secretly crave.  

But how do we achieve this god tier level of self-care you ask? By making small, sustainable, changes to your everyday routine of course! 

I have put together a list of changes that I will be making to my own life. This is in an attempt to romanticize it, as well as improve my quality of life, and I’ve decided to bring you along for the ride! 

In this new Her Campus exclusive series, I will document my tips and tricks, and thoughts and feelings, on my self-care journey for you to enjoy and maybe even try for yourselves. These changes will tackle mental health, exercise, reducing self-comparison, and much more! 

So, strap-in and get ready to fall in love with your life again as we start ‘Becoming the Main Character’! 

Kate Moran

Aberdeen '22

Kate Moran | They/Them Psychology Student
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