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6 Best and Worst Customers in Retail

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Aberdeen chapter.

Becky’s and Susan’s and Karen’s. OH MY!

After working in retail for over a year I think I have gotten to grasp with the types of customers that come and go through the doors. With the help of some colleagues we managed to come up with this fun list.

Bad customer types

The Returner:

These customers return EVERYTHING that they buy – often without a receipt – when it’s part of the return policy and no matter how much that’s explained to them, they don’t understand and still continue to do it.

The Non-Buyer:

These are max effort customers that have you trail out 16 pairs of shoes usually for them to not buy anything even though you’ve spent at least an hour of your time working with them, it wouldn’t be as bad if they appreciated it

The Researcher:

These are the people that research beforehand and think they know everything when in fact they don’t because you have been working there for over a year and it’s your specialty area that they’re questioning. Even so, they will still challenge you every step of the way

Artem Beliaikin

The Entitled customer:

The “I’ve shopped here for 20 years” customer that expects royal treatment. “Do you know who I am?” is a VERY common phrase with these customers

The Demanding Customer:

These customers are usually super rude and treats you like you’re not a human being. They often expect you to pamper them and give them all that they desire, like scraping gum off their shoe (yup -been there). They want everything then and there no matter how busy it can be. Having loads of these customers at once when it’s really busy, often leads to disaster.

The manager haircut customer (AKA Karen):

Will not hesitate to challenge you on the slightest thing that you say, will often make a huge drama out of a tiny situation, regards your opinion as nothing and will ALWAYS demand to see a manager to rectify the situation, even though they often say the same thing as you.

Good customer types

Appreciative customer:

These customers are thankful for any and all help given. They are usually very polite and kind and often make the day worth going on with after a difficult customer.

Chatty customer:

These people are always up for a chat and can have a laugh with you, they usually cheer everyone up. It’s even better when they tell you their whole life story, taking up the 20 minutes you had left to go before your break. They can often be very full of banter and actually make you laugh when before, you were probably ready to cry

Customers who already work in retail:

These are people who work in retail themselves, so they often pick clothes up off the floor when they’ve fallen off the hanger and put them away properly. It’s also amazing when these angels come out of the changing room and they have all of the clothes back on the correct hangers, all fastened and the right way round.

photo of an organized closet
Photo by Burgess Milner on Unsplash

Patient and understanding customer:

These customers will wait for assistance when you’re super busy and won’t hold a fuss about it. These customers are usually really kind and sympathetic and you can usually rant to them. They’re a good pick me up though as they often appreciate all your help and make you feel like you can count to 10, breathe and continue the day

Clueless customer:

These customers just need some help with shopping, whether it be finding an outfit for a wedding, finding a gift, or just a general enquiry. These customers are great as they give you a chance to totally show off your knowledge and it’s even better when they take your advice and walk away happy with their experience, they are often very grateful and commonly last minute people the day of or day before events like weddings and birthdays. Yep, I’ve helped a poor lady the morning of a wedding, trying to find an outfit before – thankfully she got something!

Efficient customer:

 These are the no mess, no fuss customers that know exactly what they need, they come in, get it, pay and leave. They always have their cards ready at the till and usually don’t need a lot of entertainment, these blessings are a god-send when it’s really busy and queues are starting to grow really quickly  

Jon Ly
Big thanks to all my work gals for helping me come up with these!

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