The 10 Stages of Getting to my First Ever 9am

During my first year, I carefully managed to plan my schedule without any early mornings. I thought I had succeeded until the reality sank in (I am not a morning person, so I was already worried about the semester) and I realised that time zones do indeed exist. I ended up having way too many 10AMs (by that I mean 2) and one greatly dreaded 9 am lecture. So here I am, 3 weeks into lectures I decided that it was finally time to go. Now you all have front row seats to see how it all played out in 10 stages!


  1. Staying up too late playing games on my phone. Evolving Cows is addictive and Toon Blast! has taken over my life. Setting the alarm and the regret is beginning to set in.
  2. Waking up to said alarm in the middle of a dream about struggling to find the building I was looking for (foreshadowing much?). Instant regret when opening my eyes. Loads of pep talk involved stopping myself hitting the snooze.
  3.  Stepping into the bathroom and being blinded by the light. Why is the sun out in Aberdeen and at 7 am?! Despite the shock, I feel awesome for just a second; wow the sun is out and I’m just absorbing its energy.
  4.  Sitting in front of my closet for way too long: I don’t know how to function. It then takes 15 minutes to get jeans and a shirt on.
  5. Hurrying to eat some breakfast. Toast on the go it is then. No time for coffee (sigh). I’m leaving extra early just in case.
  6.  Getting lost. Flatmate gave directions the night before, but I can’t remember them. Texting a friend if she knows how to find the lecture theatre whilst complaining to my flatmate there is absolutely no sign of lecture theatre 1
  7.  Friend finally texts the directions to my destination. Of course, I was standing around the corner the whole time. Walking into the empty lecture theatre.
  8. Feeling the absolute betrayal of my peers. There was supposed to be an attendance code but there isn’t. Debating my life choices and regretting ever leaving my bed.
  9.  Trying to at least take some notes in despite my drowsiness. Having a nice little daydream about waffles and coffee.
  10. Repeat next week (Or perhaps not…)

All photos are Emma’s own.