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Her Campus x just. Present Mental Health Awareness: Mind Your Mind

Mental Health Awareness: Mind Your Mind

Now more than ever, there’s a lot to feel anxious over — and that’s OK. You’re not sure what the next week will bring, let alone next semester, which is why we want to open the conversation about mental health during this trying time (and beyond).

With just.’s mental health mission and their partnership with Active Minds, we’re shining a light on all of the anxieties you might be feeling right now. From relationships and finances to career and school (especially if you’re graduating!), we want you to have the resources and tools that can help. Most importantly, we want to empower you to leave here with the courage to face whatever you might be battling.

The Her Campus community is here for you — we see you and we will support you.

With love, The Her Campus Editorial Team

If you or someone you know is in crisis, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.