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How to Keep Your Relationship Going Strong, Even If You & Your Partner Are Far Apart Right Now

Separation from your partner can be hard, but when you have to stay apart for an unknown and extended period of time, the worry feels unimaginable. Unfortunately, that’s a circumstance many relationships are encountering right now. It might not be safe for you to travel to see your partner at another college, or to even take public transportation to visit their apartment. That means a lot of couples are facing continued time away from each other, with a lot of uncertainty. 

It’s a bummer to feel like you’re missing out on memories, or to navigate the lack intimacy since you’re not in close proximity to them. While these feelings are completely valid—your relationship can still continue to flourish despite the distance. There are ways to make your relationship work, and possibly become even stronger, while you’re practicing social distancing. 

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Get virtual.

Communication is a key foundational block for in any relationship. Some ways to communicate virtually are through telephone calls, texting, messaging on social media, and even sending each other memes to enjoy. An overlooked place where you can find intimacy is video chatting together via FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts – really any platform that uses a camera. Video chatting with your partner on a daily basis captures missed moments that could help you feel like your partner is actually present with you. So, consider calling them while you’re doing your bedtime skincare routine, your homework, or even just sitting there watching a movie. 

Make sure to come up with a schedule to follow when you video chat a few times a week, as this establishes boundaries. When interaction is limited to technology instead of face-to-face, it can be easy to become distant, so making an agenda and sticking to it can help you and your SO keep up with each other. 

Get creative.

This is the perfect time to get inventive with fun date ideas! Are you both creatives? Order some paint to be delivered to your houses, pour a glass of wine, and do a sip and paint together. Is there a movie or series on Netflix you’re just itching to binge? Add-ons like Netflix Party helps you synch up your videos, along with an added chat feature so you can make comments during your movie date. Are you guys competitive video game lovers? There are endless online multiplayer video games for you and your SO to enjoy, whether you want to build and explore in Minecraft or prefer battling each other in a heated Fun Run game.

The choices are endless, and going on virtual dates is a great way to keep the relationship active and interesting when it seems like your interactions are restricted.

Get positive.

Although sudden interferences can be disconcerting, remember that these are necessary precautions to flatten the curve, and that it’s only a temporary measure. It’s moments like this that makes us more appreciative of the people we have around us, whether it be friends or romantic partners, and reminds us the importance of keeping in constant contact. So be there for each other, and don’t let these hard times stop you from having fun with your SO.

The more you try to maintain a sense of normalcy and put emphasis on healthy communication in your relationship, the easier it will be to get through this.

Paula Ayala is a senior undergrad majoring in English Literature in the University of Puerto Rico (Rio Piedras Campus), Co-Campus Correspondent of HC at UPR, and a National HC Writer. She is an aspiring writer and editor who loves reading, writing fiction, looking for new things to learn about, chocolate, and (admittedly) taking naps.
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