College Women’s Sleep Habits Are Worse Than You Think

This post shares results from our Complete College Life Survey Series where we collected over 10,000 responses from women at 300+ colleges.  Check out even more of the results here.

College women are skimping on sleep during the week (though not too badly) and catching up over the weekend.  15% of college women manage to get to bed by 11PM on weeknights, while 51% burn the midnight oil, staying up past midnight.  When it comes to weekday mornings, a whopping 81% are up by 9AM (curse those 9AM lectures!). 

Collegiettes are going to bed later and waking up later on the weekend though (just gotta make it up in time for brunch!), with almost a third of college women reporting that they usually go to bed later than 2AM on weekend nights, and 75% sleeping in past 9AM (and 6% sleeping in past noon!). 

And unsurprisingly, 71% of collegiettes report sleeping with their phones right next to them or in their bed… let’s just hope they’re not sleep-texting!

Infographic by Vikki Burnett

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