9 Ways to Have an Amazing Halloween While Social Distancing

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2020 just won’t stop canceling our events, and unfortunately, Halloween will be no exception. With social distancing set in place and classes held mainly online, the party scene is virtually nonexistent. Nevertheless, Halloween parties aren’t the only ways to celebrate the spookiest night of the year. Here are 9 ways to celebrate a socially distant Halloween with just a few of your close friends:


  1. 1. Host a horror movie marathon

    Woman in White Bed Holding Remote Control While Eating Popcorn

    Be it with your roommates or all of your friends through Zoom, what better way to celebrate Halloween than with a classic horror movie marathon? Horror movies have definitely upped their game recently, and this year is the perfect time to watch the scariest movies all night – all while stuffing your face with candy, of course. Disney+ already has their Halloween classics streaming, and Hulu has some hidden gems in their catalogue!

  2. 2.  Make your own haunted house

    It’s time to run to Party City to get all of the cheapest decorations (or DIY them) to deck out your house! You can turn the entire place into a haunted house, or go to town room by room, giving each one a spooky theme so you can pretend to haunted house hop. With a dedicated drink for each room, your homemade scare fest couldn't get any better. 

  3. 3. Make some scary TikToks

    Who doesn't love scaring the heck out of themselves with scary TikToks? From special fx makeup to spooky transitions, they always look so realistic and cool! Why not utilize Halloween to be the director of your own? If you’ve been noticing some paranormal activity, record it. Scare your roommate or craft a jumpscare! Or you can create an alternate reality game (ARG) like “Sitting & Smiling,” “Time to Wait,” and “I am Sophie."

  4. 4. Whip up some holiday treats

    I swear Pinterest was solely made for Halloween treats. There are so many delicious looking options for everyone. Cook them all up for yourself or have a bake-off with your friends. Some of my favorites include Mummy Apple Crypts (Apple Crisps)Frankenstein Rice Krispie Treats and Witch Hat Cupcakes.

  5. 5. Dress up in a killer costume

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    Just because you aren’t going to any parties doesn’t mean you can’t dress up! Paint your face or practice special fx makeup, dress up and go all out! It's the one night a year you can be anything, so why waste it? Better yet, have a costume contest virtually with your pals. Having a little bit of trouble coming up with the perfect Halloween costume? You could create a Tiger King-themed costume (can y’all believe that was this year?!), put together a funny, sloppy quarantine look, or do a cosplay of one of Diana Rigg’s roles (may she rest in peace). 

  6. 6. Have a dance party

    Pose TV Series

    Whether with roommates, virtually, with a partner or even by yourself, no one can resist a dance party. They instantly lift your spirits, and you can make the most amazing Halloween playlist ever! And even better, you can do it in costumes!

  7. 7. Make Halloween-themed drinks

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    There are a million combinations of drinks out there, alcoholic or not. There’s bound to be one you can sink your teeth into. Make one for yourself, make a whole batch for your housemates, or make it a contest! Some of my favorites include Voodoo PunchHalloween PunchWitches Brew CocktailBlack Widow LemonadeBlack Magic Martini, and Poisoned Apple Cider (which is not really poisoned, don’t worry!).

  8. 8. Decorate with plants or pumpkins

    Just because you can’t celebrate like you normally would doesn’t mean you have to give up all the Halloween traditions. Have a classic pumpkin carving contest!  You can do it with your roommates or with more friends over facetime, and it's the easiest way to pass by the afternoon (seriously, has anyone else noticed how long it takes to just carve an eye?).

    But if pumpkins aren’t your thing, buy some carnivorous plants. Yes, those exist! Some staples are Venus Fly Traps and Pitcher Plants! You can pick these up at your local nursery. 

Halloween is one of the only times every year where everyone can let loose and show their weirdest sides. Let’s not have 2020 take that away, too. No matter what, just keep social distancing, stay safe, and have fun with it!