All the Horror Movies You Need to Stream Before Halloween

If you’re a Halloween fanatic (who isn’t?), you've scheduled times throughout October to cram in as many horror movies as possible before All Hallows' Eve. Whether you love to hide behind your hands during the Halloween horror marathon or watch your friends get scared, we've found all the best horror movies to stream before October 31. 

1. The Conjuring

Where to Stream: Netflix

Are you really celebrating Halloween if you don’t watch at least one movie in which an innocent family tries to eradicate a supernatural entity that’s manifested in their house?

2. The Babadook

Where to Stream: Netflix 

This movie follows a single mother and her awful son, but shit goes down after she reads her son a pop-up book. Weird stuff just keeps happening, but we don’t want to spoil too much about the film, other than the fact that the son is the real monster in this film—jk, not really. Seriously, this movie is better than birth control.

3. Children of the Corn

Where to Stream: Hulu, Netflix

If you’re a Stephen King fan, then you probably already watch this movie every October (and every month in between). If you aren’t already terrified of children, this movie will solidify your fear.

4. Oculus

Where to Stream: Netflix

Love films about supernatural phenomena with a twist? This is the perfect one for you. It follows two siblings and a possessed mirror while the siblings try to prove the creepy crap the mirror does.

5. Clown

Where to Stream: Netflix

If you need a palette cleanser from the It remake, which was more laughable than scary, Clown is certain to make your irrational fear of clowns resurface. This movie doesn’t involve any sewer clowns. Instead, it follows a loving father who puts on a clown costume for his son’s birthday party. However, the costume begins to fuse with his body, and it just escalates from there.

6. The Haunting in Connecticut

Where to Stream: Amazon

This movie essentially answers what would happen if you moved into an old mortuary. Hint: nothing good. The only thing more frightening than a haunted ex-mortuary turned residential home is the fact that this movie is based on an actual haunted house.

7. Poltergeist

Where to Stream: Amazon

If you haven’t seen this classic scary movie, what are you doing with your life? It's about a poltergeist that kidnaps a child, which is only made creepier by the fact that the production used real human skeletons. Apparently, prop skeletons weren’t good enough? Did we mention several members of the cast also passed away shortly after production of the trilogy? It spawned the theory of the Poltergeist "curse."

8. The Silence of the Lambs

Where to Stream: Amazon, HBO Go

This movie follows an FBI trainee who interrogates an apprehended cannibalistic serial killer, Dr. Hannibal Lecter, to catch a similar serial killer (Buffalo Bill). Though the movie might not be family-friendly (unless your family has some liberal opinions about cannibalism), it’s an exceptional adaptation of the Ted Tally novel.

9. 28 Days Later

Where to Stream: Amazon

What happens after a “zombie” outbreak? This film explores the even more frightening parts of human nature during a crisis. After all, what Halloween horror movie marathon would be complete without a zombie flick? And by zombies, I don’t mean those slow-moving corpses on The Walking Dead. I mean real zombies that, you know, run. TWD fans, sorry, not sorry.

10. 28 Weeks Later

Where to Stream: Amazon, Hulu

After all, the first film kind of leaves you wondering what the hell happens next. This sequel to 28 Days Later answers all your questions about what would happen if someone totally and completely effed up quarantining a zombie apocalypse, repopulating the world and understanding overall virus transmission. Because these are the real questions everyone should ask in a post-apocalyptic movie.

11. Jeepers Creepers

Where to Stream: Amazon

If you love watching movies about killer humanoid creatures that treat you like organ farms, this is your ideal Halloween horror movie. Or if you just want to watch Justin Long before his comedy days, here you go! Seriously, the creature in this movie is virtually unstoppable and is bound to make it difficult for you to fall asleep, travel through rural Florida or turn your back on scarecrows ever again.

12. Raw

Where to Stream: Netflix, Amazon

This movie is essentially a warning against college hazing. Seeing as the main character, who starts off as a vegetarian, is coerced into eating a raw rabbit kidney and then develops an insatiable hunger for raw meat. If you get queasy about blood—even fake blood—you might not want to watch this one.

13. Hostel

Where to Stream: Amazon, Showtime

Despite this movie being used as a documentary by every overprotective parent before their child goes on spring break, it depicts a chilling scenario of what could happen to anyone.

14. Carrie

Where to Stream: Amazon

In this ultimate underdog story, a teen develops some supernatural abilities to get revenge on her bullies and abusive mother. We get it—violence is never the answer…except when you have telekinetic powers and everyone around you is a dick. While there was a 2013 remake of the film, the original is the better option if you don’t have the time to read the Stephen King novel.

15. Lights Out

Where to Stream: Amazon

This movie exacerbates nearly everyone’s childhood (and sometimes adulthood) fear: the dark. You could also watch the short film that made the full movie a success. Warning: Do not watch this before bed!