The Spookiest, Most Insta-Worthy Snacks to Have This Halloween

October is the best month of the year — the leaves change colors, the weather gets cooler and the spices taste more like pumpkin. It’s also one of the perfect times to post creative and seasonal pictures on Instagram! But there’s nothing worse than seeing a timeline that’s just full of the same photo of somebody holding a Starbucks cup with some blurred leaves or pumpkins in the background. To help you stand out this spooky season, here’s a list of Insta-ready food and drink that your followers will just eat up.

1. Spooky Spider Deviled Eggs

This is a Halloween twist on a classic party dish. The recipe is super simple and it's quick to make. Bonus points if you add some food coloring to the yolk to give this snack a colorful splash.

2. Bloody Finger Hot Dogs

For those you wanting to try your hand at making some creative finger food, this recipe is right up your alley. Sure, it might take a bit of time to craft these into the most gruesome looking fingers, but it’ll certainly pay off.

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3. Oreo Cookie Spiders

According to Blue in Love, Simon (and me), the Halloween-themed Oreos are the best. It’s no contest, but you can easily transform them into something even better with just a few simple steps. This is a no-bake recipe, so for you dorm-dwellers, this is just what you need to elevate your scary movie marathon. (After all, more time to watch scary movies > more time to bake.)

4. Bewitched Popcorn

Speaking of movie marathons, no binge session is complete without popcorn. With just a few ingredients, the fun colors in this dish are certain to catch your followers’ eyes. Pair this great treat with a Halloween-themed drink and you're guaranteed to have a spook-tacular movie night!

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5. Cinnamon Roll Zombie Guts

Arguably the most gruesome-looking food of them all, this delicious cinnamon concoction is sure to be a big hit at any gathering.

6. Chocolate Bat Bites

With just four ingredients, it’s almost impossible to finish making this treat without eating all of your supplies first! If you want to do something bat-themed, but crave a healthier alternative, here’s a different recipe by the same cook.

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7. Disney Parks

If you’re interested in posting spooky Halloween food, but don’t necessarily have the time or energy to make it, don’t worry! Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween is a time-honored tradition for most Disney fans and has tons of different treats you can choose from. Ranging from Halloween-themed churros to Hades Nachos to poisoned apples, Disney really has it all. (But, we already knew that.)

8. Dunkin' Donuts

If you aren't lucky enough to live in Anahheim or Orlando, Dunkin’ Donuts also goes all out for Halloween! We’re talking Scary Strawberry, Choc-O-Lantern and Vampire’s Delight. They’re all delicious and they’re all Insta-ready.

Even though most of us are guilty of using holidays as an excuse to post more Insta content, Halloween is hands-down the best holiday of them all. With so many options for so many different people, it’s almost impossible not to find something to like about Halloween! As far as the treats go, they’re some of the most delicious snacks out there. Ranging from something sweet, like our Cinnamon Zombie Guts, to savory, like the deviled eggs, there’s something for everyone. So, roll up your sleeves, start baking and, most importantly, start posting.