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These Are The Apartment Decor Gifts I Can’t Stop Buying

Recently, I’ve become fascinated with home decor. I’m design obsessed, and I can’t lie. It’s like I’m nesting, constantly, and I don’t know what for, but all I can say is that my budget for cool trendy things, like clothes and makeup, has drastically shifted toward home decor and cleaning supplies.

I don’t care what my outfit looks like. I want an apartment loaded with plants in gorgeous, artsy vases, art on every wall, and tons and tons of chic, fluffy blankets. I don’t know what’s happening to me, but there are worse things I could spend my money on. Here are my absolute fave decor pieces from the year that would make a great gift for your BFF or a treat for your mom. 

1. Expensive, cozy blankets, like this Ecuadane work of art ($149) and this fuzzy masterpiece ($89)

When winter comes along, there’s only one thing I want to wear: a blanket. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve spent October through March wandering the house in a blanket, and honestly, that hasn’t changed now that I’m in my 20s. If you want a ridiculously comfortable (but p pricey) blanket that’ll serve as home decor in itself, I’m obsessed with these ones from Ecuadane. They make me feel so fancy, and they aren’t at all itchy despite the heavy fabric.

My other fave is this throw blanket from Summer and Rose. It’s the fuzziest blanket I own, but it somehow never starts pilling, no matter how often I wash it. My guests always want to curl up in it. 

2. Dishes, but cute ones, like these stemless wine tumblers ($60)

I’ve had a ton of mismatched dishes for a long time, but for literally no reason at all I’ve been craving a pint glass set. I want to serve beer to my guests in an Insta-worthy glass. Again, where does this craving come from? Who am I turning into?

I found these glasses from UncommonGreen, and, wait for it: They have your freaking college town’s map on them. It’s like school spirit, but way, way more chic. I want EVERYTHING.

I also got these stemless wine glasses from Chic & Tonic, which clearly knows that we ~millennials~ love a good bar cart. My favorite thing about them is the color, because rose gold is obviously a thing right now. I’m also very happy with the size, and the fact that you can check yourself out via your reflection in these glasses at any time. They keep your drink nice and cool, so I enjoy them for water just as often as I use them for wine. 

3. This natural air freshener combo, feat. room spray ($12) + sachet ($9 for 3)

I love when my place smells seriously yummy, but I just can’t with typical candles and fragrances. There are so many sketchy candles, and just make me nervous. Plus, I have a kitten, and want her tiny lungs to be happy and healthy. My go-tos right now for a healthier living space are this Air & Fabric Freshener by Grow Fragrance, and these Scented Sachets from Floral Simplicity.

I know these are, like, ultimate suburban mom essentials, but I kind of am turning into an ultimate suburban mom. So, if scrunchies and mom jeans can be in, so can scented sachets. My fave pairing is the Pumpkin Spice ones, because I’m also a proud basic. 

4. Weird, trending tech accessories like this air purifier, $109

Okay, stay with me here. When I say tech, I don’t mean I’m going to start rambling about some computer you need. I mostly mean the unexpected pieces of tech that seriously ~adult~ up your living space, like this air purifier that’s honestly made with Instagram in mind. It’s called a Blue Pure 411 from Blueair, it has cute little sleeves as pre-filters to keep your air clean, and it’s beyond compact

I’m very paranoid about bad air and it ruining my health (and, tbh, my skin), so I keep this guy going all day long. An added bonus: It’s basically silent, so it won’t piss off your roommate. 

5. This neon light shaped like an Instagram heart, $65

If you’ve missed out on the neon light trend, I don’t even know what to tell you. It’s everywhere. Real talk: I’ve been looking for a neon light for a long time. My main issue has been being paranoid that they’re going to just like, stop working in a week (which seems to be a major issue with most neon lights), and on the flipside, that it’s going to go TOO HARD and catch my house on fire. So while this neon light from American Dream House is pretty pricey, it’s worth it to me to know it’s a legit product that’s not going to overheat. It also turns my entire living space pink. I don’t hate it. 

6. Everything from Opalhouse at Target, like this randomly beautiful basket ($25)

I can’t stop shopping from Target’s new Opalhouse collection. I know it might be weird that I’m so obsessed with Target that I know every single new collection they have, but Opalhouse is soooo dreamy. Everything is bright, but more boho than preppy, and I’m going to just keep shopping the collection until I own the entire thing. Including this basket, which has been on my wish list for months. Sorry, bank account, we buy baskets now. 

7. Wall hanging that make me feel ~elevated~, like this artsy piece ($65)

I can’t stop talking about Lorena Canals and their absurdly artsy handmade pieces. If I didn’t have a cat, every single wall in my place would be covered in colorful, yet muted, works like this one. I never would have expected to be so sucked in by strings and color, but it’s so nice to have something to give some LIFE to your blank walls and feel like you kinda sorta live in an art gallery. 

8. Prints that aren’t just crappy paper posters, like this print that tracks your travels ($59)

In my desire to be a more “adult” human being, I’ve gotten pretty into scrapping my $5 posters that are torn and faded and replacing them with nice prints. You know, ones with frames, or ones on canvas. Real Grown Up Human Artwork. I’ve traveled a pretty decent amount, so I love that this print allows you to literally interact with it and note your trips and adventures around the U.S. You just use the little stamper that comes with it, and mark where you’ve been. It’s a good conversation starter, and if you have friends from all over, they can stamp where they’re from, too. 

I hope you enjoy shopping for home decor and being your very own Chip and Joanna Gaines as much as I do. Maybe I can’t afford the house of my dreams, but I can afford a few decorations. Happy customizing your living space! 

Rachel is the Senior Editor at Her Campus. She graduated from Elon University in 2015 where she wrote for Her Campus's Elon chapter as well as the national LGBTQ+ section, and has since held editorial positions at Hello Giggles and Brit + Co along with running social media for several publishers. Her work has been published in Teen Vogue, Glamour, StyleCaster, and SELF, and she can be found in North Carolina smearing face masks on in the name of content. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram @RachelCharleneL.