Reasons We Love Chip and Joanna Gaines

As I worked out at my gym nearly every day this past summer, I was surrounded by a plethora of TVs tuned primarily to one channel: HGTV. Because the multitude of remotes seemed too confusing to deal with, my viewing choices were limited. Lucky for me, I was sucked in fast. Commonly on HGTV is the channel’s biggest hit: Fixer Upper, a show where husband-wife dynamic duo Chip and Joanna Gaines take a house and give it a total makeover. Every episode is an emotional journey—the homeowners’ star-struck excitement upon meeting Chip and Joanna, the thrill of seeing the initial designs and plans, the slight setback when some bathroom or chimney is going to be more expensive than expected, and then the excitement on the homeowners’ faces when they step inside their completely transformed house. I was hooked.

In honor of the recent announcement that this season of Fixer Upper will be the last (cue tears), and we no longer get to see new episodes of Chip and Joanna forever changing people’s lives, I thought it was fitting that we take a moment to realize why we love them so much (and will miss their faces on television dearly).

They are amazing at their job

Chip and Joanna have their own TV show for a reason—they are the best in the business. Through each renovation, we are able to see their incredible vision, patience, and knowledge. They push the envelope every time with how to maximize the space of the kitchen island, place the laundry room where it is most convenient, and make that first floor powder room really work. Just when you think they have finally met their match—the structure is too old, the clients insist on a massive dining room table, all of the bedrooms must be on the same floor—they nail it. They truly are gifted at what they do.

They’re always humble

Although these two are international sensations, they remain humble and dedicated to their family. They seem to genuinely listen to their clients’ needs and want to make their clients happy. They give 100 percent to each renovation. Part of the reason they are cancelling the show is because the fame has started to take a toll on them. Chip and Joanna are just a hardworking husband and wife who run a business who happen to have cameras following their every move. They deserve some privacy and some down time.

They’re the perfect dynamic duo

Chip and Joanna have an enviable relationship; they seem to have a solid marriage and a booming business, which can be hard to balance. They play off of each other’s strengths and collaborate well, always showing respect for the other. She is the designer and he is the contractor, and they work together to create the finished product. Watching this joyful couple laugh, smile, and create beautiful homes together is absolutely adorable.

They win at life

A happy husband and wife who own an extremely successful business together, use their talents to improve the lives of others, and have a beautiful family—what more could you want?

Thank you Chip and Joanna for entertaining me all summer long while I was on the elliptical. You made my workouts fly by!

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