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7 Joe-Themed Party Costume Ideas, From Joe Jonas To JoJo Siwa

Hey, do you know Joe? Who? Joe mama! (Tell me that joke was funny, please. It was the only Joe joke I had on the spot.) With themed costume parties becoming a real hit over the past few years, one theme making an upsurge on social media is a Joe-themed party. A Joe-themed costume party is when everyone dresses up as someone or something with the name Joe in it.

From Joey King to a cup of joe, you can get as creative as you want, even on a budget! Not to mention, you can take it up a couple of notches by creating your words and ad-joe-ctives. (Get it? Adjectives but it’s ad-JOE-ctives). Avoca-joe is a good one I can think of. You might even choose to dress as your friend Joe if you’ve got one. However, if you’ve got a Joe-themed party coming up and you need some costume ideas, I’ve got you covered! I’ve included some costumes that are more original and require a bit more time, but also some that you can quickly find in your closet and put together in minutes. This article will be going over easy and super creative costume ideas with Joes in it. 

Joseph From The Bible

Our first and most creative option is Joseph from the Bible. This look requires a bit of money if you don’t have these pieces laying around your house, but if you’re lucky, your friends might be of some help. First, you’re going to need a brown robe, ideally one that goes down to your feet. Next, you’ll need a fake beard, or if you don’t want to spend the money, just draw it on with eyeliner. And finally, you’ll need a tall cane. You could be resourceful by using an old Christmas candy cane decoration or a broomstick.

Jo Wilson From Grey’s Anatomy
jo wilson from grey\'s anatomy

Calling all nursing students! This costume will be easy for you. Put on your scrubs and you’re set to scrub into surgery! Bonus points if you have brown hair, but if not — and you’re feeling like getting into the Jo Wilson element — get some spray-on hair dye! Grey’s Anatomy is a popular show, and if you put a name tag on your scrubs, I’m pretty sure most people will know who you are.

Joey Tribbiani From Friends

This might be the costume you’ll already have laying around in your closet. With a simple black turtleneck, black leather jacket, and a pair of blue jeans, you’ll be saying “How you doin?” the whole night by embodying Joey Tribbiani’s smooth moves.

Joe Jonas

To achieve Joe Jonas’ best look from the 2008 VMA awards, you’ll need to get creative. Start off with a black button-up. Next, pair your base layer with a white satin suit (or just a regular white suit). Then finish off your outfit with a striped tie and matching handkerchief. To truly embody your inner Joe Jonas, take a large chunk of your hair and part it to the left side of your face. (P.S. Don’t forget to break Taylor Swift’s heart in a 27-second long phone call).

JoJo Siwa

Pull out that vintage Justice apparel and get ready to slay. Grab the most sparkly items of clothing you can find and throw them all on. Don’t pay attention to the colors or patterns too much, since you’ll want to be as neon as possible. Now, slick your hair up into a high ponytail, add the biggest hair bow that you can find, and basically roll yourself in some body glitter. And that’s it! You’re now ready to take on Dance Moms and all of TikTok’s lesbian drama.

Jo March From Little Women

Next, let’s move onto Little Women’s own, Jo March. To get the look, you’re going to need a long plaid skirt that goes down to your ankles, a neutral, collared button-up shirt (a white one would work), and a button-up vest. Pair this outfit with some black boots (maybe Doc Martens) and a low bun, and you’re set.

Joe Burrow

Finally, the NFL quarterback Joe Burrow. This is the simplest costume because all you’ll need is a Cincinnati Bengals jersey and you’re good to head out. It doesn’t even need to be the right player on the back — you can tape a piece of paper over the player’s name and write Burrow on it. It’ll be cheaper.

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