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12 Graduation Cap Design Ideas To Personalize Your Look With

In the immortal words of High School Musical 2, “What time is it?” It’s graduation time, baby! Well, almost. In the time leading up to the ceremony, there’s a ton of preparation you need to get done, from buying your dress to taking your senior pics. But most importantly, you’ve gotta nail down a design for your graduation cap.

Some schools might not be as encouraging, but if you’re lucky, you’ll have the opportunity to customize your graduation attire. The first step you’ll need to take in upgrading your grad cap is to hit up Pinterest. Pinterest will be your gold mine for all things cute and crafty — seriously, my “GRAD 2023” board has over 100 pins in it. Head to your nearest craft store and stock up on bubble letters, scrapbook paper, 3D stickers, and anything other material you want to work with. If you’re still feeling uninspired, consider these 12 design ideas.

Keep It Groovy

Graduation is just another way of saying “peace out” to school. So why not wear that message on your cap?

For the olivia rodrigo stans

Anyone else upset that Olivia Rodrigo isn’t their graduation keynote speaker? Even if she won’t be at your ceremony, you can still show your support with a “Brutal” grad cap.

And one for the harry stans

Harry Styles would be proud of you for rocking a bold grad cap. Incorporate his lyrics and colorful style into your grad cap this year.

Monogram it

Take some inspo from Sharpay Evans (my forever hero) and slap your initials on your cap. You can’t get more iconic than that.

This barbie is graduating

To honor the upcoming debut of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie, turn your grad cap into the “This Barbie” meme. The template is easy to use and completely customizable!

The year of Midnights

The year 2023 marks a pivotal time in history, with it being the start of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. Borrow some lyrics from Midnights (or from any of her other albums) to make your grad cap shimmer.

Dude, that’s deep

Feeling philosophical? Deck out your grad cap with a quote you live by, like this one from Aristotle.

Artsy Fartsy

Put your painting skills to the test by recreating your favorite piece of art. For laughs, pair your masterpiece with a witty statement.

Four years later…

Spongebob might go down in history as the world’s most quotable show. If you grew up on Spongebob reruns, there are a ton of references you can include on your grad cap.

Read it and weep

For all you lit majors out there, I’ve got you covered. Share your passion for reading with a book-themed grad cap.

End of the sim-ester

Let’s be honest: Sims 4 got us all through quarantine. To commemorate the 345 hours you’ve plugged into that game, consider a Sims-themed grad cap.

Slow down, you’re doing fine

Even if the future looks uncertain, sometimes you need a reminder that everything will be alright. Billy Joel’s “Vienna” will instantly relieve your worries — and function as the perfect grad cap theme!

Jill Schuck

Trinity '23

Jill Schuck is currently a senior at Trinity College in Hartford, CT. There, she majors in creative writing and minors in rhetoric and media studies, with hopes of working in publishing. Aside from reading and writing, Jill enjoys traveling, practicing self-care, and spending too much money on matcha.