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No One Knows What’s Going On In The ‘Barbie’ Teaser Trailer, But They Love It

The time has finally come: Warner Bros. has officially dropped the first teaser trailer for Great Gerwig’s Barbie movie that is set to release on July 21, 2023. If you’re a Barbie lover like myself, or you just keep up with news about the up-and-coming hottest movies, then I bet the Barbie movie has definitely been on your radar. From the announcement that Margot Robbie would be taking on the role as lead doll in charge, to the countless photos of the cast on set that have leaked (and the Barbiecore fashion trend they spawned), it’s clear that the film is highly anticipated. The first taste of what we can expect from the film dropped on Dec. 16, and it’s clear that fans are eager to see what Barbie is actually going to look like. 

Speculation surrounding Barbie has been circulating since the film’s development was first revealed back in January 2019. Initially, the head Barbie character was supposed to be played by Amy Schumer, but eventually got shifted to Robbie. Quite honestly, no one really knows what to expect when it comes to the movie, which has naturally enlarged the spotlight around the film entirely. It was originally believed that Schumer’s Barbie would follow the narrative of the lead being taken out of a picture-perfect world and dropped into the modern reality. 

However, nothing has been confirmed, and the first teaser trailer really gives viewers a first look at what we can expect. The trailer itself didn’t really confirm or deny any sneaky suspicions about plotlines that fans have had. Instead, it kind of just confused everyone even more. We’re met with a narrator explaining that baby dolls have been played with all throughout history, with Barbie being the first adult-like take on a doll to come. 

Glimpses of what’s to come in Barbie flash upon the screen, and we even get to see Ryan Gosling in his role as Ken. The trailer has stirred up some talk online, specifically for Twitter users. Let’s take a look at 16 of the best reactions to the Barbie teaser trailer. 

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