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20 Easy, Last-Minute Rhyme Without Reason Costume Ideas That Are Actually Genius

The “rhyme without reason” party theme is taking over. And, honestly? I’m into it. It’s refreshing to see a new theme amidst all of the same, boring frat parties we attend during the school year. However, with a theme party, it’s easy to procrastinate on a costume. So, if you find yourself invited to a rhyme without reason party with little time to prepare, I got you.

These costumes are simple and easy to put together, but still unique enough to stand out from the crowd. Happy rhyming, bestie!

“Where’s Waldo” + Marilyn Monroe

A striped shirt with a matching hat, and a blonde wig with a white dress. So easy.

A Black Cat + An Acrobat

All you need are some cat ears and a fun leotard.

A Cherry + A Berry

Literally so cute.

A Blood-Sucker + A Trucker

Grab a pair of vampire fangs and a trucker hat. Boom.

A Fairy + Dairy

The fairy speaks for itself. But for dairy, dress in all white and carry around a gallon of milk.

Rich Aunt + A Plant

Dress up in your most boujie attire, and don’t forget the sunglasses! Your partner can skirt by in all green, or a leaf-printed ensemble.

A Flower + “In Power”

For the flower, all you need is a cute floral outfit. Your partner can show that they’re “in power” by rocking their best suit.

A Tacky Tourist + A Florist

It’s as simple as a Hawaiian shirt and a bouquet of flowers.

Gym Rat + Hazmat

Put that gym apparel to good use, and have your partner dress up in a hazmat suit. (Amazon, $14)

Pro-Golfer + Scholar

Match made in heaven.

Mother Earth + About To Give Birth

Just put a balloon under your shirt and call it a night.

A WhiteClaw + An Outlaw

Like an ABC party, just wear an empty Whiteclaw box as your costume. Your outlaw partner can get by in a simple cowboy costume.

Bama Rush + Orange Crush

Pay homage to Grant Sikes and rock your best Bama Rush ensemble. Your partner can quench your thirst as everyone’s favorite soda by wearing all orange.

Teacher + Preacher

This is pretty self-explanatory.

White Wine + Valentine

These actually kind of go together, the more I think about it.

Rich + Witch

Aspiring to be both of these things.

Megan Fox + Goldielocks

Grab your best Jennifer’s Body costume and head to the party with your blonde bestie — bonus points if they bring a stuffed bear.

A Try Guy + The Fourth Of July

Just as long as you’re not Ned Fulmer, you’ll be fine.

Men In Black + Pyromaniac

Don’t take the “pyromaniac” thing seriously. Dressing up as a flame is absolutely enough.

Stranger Things + Angel Wings

Recycle your Stranger Things Halloween costume and pair it with your angelic partner for a heavenly duo.

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