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Dry January has come and gone, and a new month brings a whole new alcohol concept: Borgs, and they’re apparently all the rage on TikTok. ICYMI: A Borg, or a “blackout rage gallon” (TBH, not the best name), is a DIY alcoholic drink that Gen Zers are bringing to tailgates, house parties, festivals, and honestly, anywhere they can get away with it.

Over the weekend, a video on TikTok about Gen Zers enjoying Borgs went viral, gaining over 8 million views. And #Borg has 64.3 million views on TikTok. Everyone wants to know, WTF is a Borg, and how do I make one?

Borgs can be a good drink option for any 21+ besties (as long as they’re doing so safely, of course). Borgs are easily customizable, so you’re drinking something you actually like. Many people on TikTok have opted for vodka, but you can add tequila, gin, or whatever alcohol you’re feeling. 

Coming in a gallon water jug, Borgs are easily sealable, so you don’t have to worry about someone slipping something into your drink. Borgs are also made with a ton of water, so they may be more hydrating than your usual jungle juice.  


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What’s in a BORG?

Making a Borg is pretty straightforward. People on TikTok grab a gallon jug and pour out about half of the water. (Pro tip: If you’re making a Borg yourself, don’t waste the water — pour it directly into your probably-dying plant.) Then, they pick their alcohol of choice and pour it directly into the jug. Most opt for about half of a fifth container of alcohol, but you can definitely add less. Know your limits, and drink responsibly.

Then the real step is to add MiO, a liquid flavoring, directly into the jug. MiO has many flavors: Lemonade, Cranberry Raspberry, Fruit Punch, and more. The variety of flavors means you can make your Borg taste exactly how you’d like it. Plus, MiO is filled with vitamins and electrolytes, so you can work smarter, not harder. 

Most people stop here, but TikTok has inspired people to go the extra mile. One creator @bellaaalonzo added her “special juice” to her Borg — aka Wild Berry Celsius — as well as Liquid IV for more hydration. Fill your Borg with whatever you like —  there are no rules here, bestie! 


How to make a BORG that actually tastes good (heart attack in a jug) happy snow day! #snowday #darty #borg #celsiuslivefit #utaustin #atx

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Borgs are Gen Z’s newest way to enjoy a fun time, but remember to drink responsibly and legally. Stay safe and opt for sharing a Borg with friends. Or, if you’re not on borg with the trend (see what I did there?), there’s nothing wrong with adding some MiO to a gallon jug of water and staying sober. I promise you will have just as great of a time.

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