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The Best Bid Day Instagram Captions To Use When You Run Home

In 2021, #BamaRush took the Internet by storm as students at the University of Alabama documented their sorority recruitment experience on TikTok. This year, Her Campus is giving you the inside scoop — we've partnered with active sisters at U of A to tell you everything you need to know about going Greek this fall.

Congratulations — you made it through recruitment and found your new home! After going through several weeks of preparation and the rush process (and seeing #BamaRush all over your FYP), you finally found your home away from home and are ready to join a lifetime of sisterhood. Bid day is a day dedicated to celebrating the newest members of each sorority and is also a great opportunity to get acquainted with your new sisters!

Although recruitment was likely tiresome, it’s time to keep the energy high with your bid day Instagram posts and captions! Posting about your new sorority to the gram is like hard launching your new relationship, meaning that your captions need to slay. Here are some FYP-worthy Instagram captions for bid day for each sorority at the University of Alabama, from Alpha Chi Omega to Zeta Tau Alpha (and even if you don’t go to University of Alabama, your sorority will still likely be on this list!). Oh, and pro tip: When you post, make sure to include any special sorority hashtags and tag your sorority’s Instagram account!


  • Home sweet [your sorority] 🏠
  • It’s all Greek to me! Except now I know [insert your sorority]
  • Honey, I’m home! 
  • I got 99 problems but a bid ain’t one!
  • Bid day, best day! 💗
  • Hey Alexa, play “Sorority Girl” by Luke Bryan 🪩

Alpha Chi Omega

  • Merry Christmas from Alpha Chi!
  • Alpha Chi ’til I die!
  • OTBWD ❤️💚
  • Wanna go, gotta go AXO ❤️💚

Alpha Delta Pi

  • Ran home to the first and finest 💎
  • Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!
  • Ran h💎me!
  • Here comes the BOOM BOOM!

Alpha Gamma Delta

  • Going nuts for AGD!
  • Ran home to the nuthouse! 🐿
  • AGD is the place to be 💛💚❤️
  • Squirrels in my sisterhood! 🐿

Alpha Omicron Pi

  • Honey, I’m homicron! 🐼
  • Gotta go Alpha O!
  • Accepted the rose from AOII 🌹
  • Red is my color ❤️🤍

Alpha Phi

  • Welcome to the Ivy League!
  • FinAlly hφme!
  • Envy the ivy!
  • XOXO, Alpha Phi 💗

Chi Omega

  • OTBJTN ❤️💛🦉
  • Only the best join the nest! 🦉
  • XO marks the spot!
  • Chi O! 💛

Delta Delta Delta

  • Your newest baby dolphins 🐬
  • 3x better! 🐬💙
  • Tri-ed the rest, ran home to the BEST!! 💛💙🐬🔱

Delta Gamma

  • Got on BOΔΓD with Delta Gamma! ⚓️
  • Saw the rest and anchored with the best 💙💓⚓️

Delta Zeta

  • Lucky me, I’m a DZ 💚💓
  • Ran home to DZ! 🐢💗
  • Lifelong frienDZ !! 💚💗
  • DZ made the decision EZ 💓💚

Gamma Phi Beta

  • Over the moon that I ran home! 💓🌙
  • Ran home to the gastle! 💕
  • GPhi does it Beta 🌙💕
  • Pretty in pink! 💓💗

Kappa Alpha Theta

  • Won gold in the sorority Olympics 💛
  • Thought Theta! 🖤💛
  • ... And I’d think it again 🖤💛🐆
  • Struck gΘld 💛

Kappa Delta

  • Only the best wear green 💚
  • MTRCKD 💚🤍
  • Who wouldn’t wanna be a KD lady?! 🍀
  • St. Patty’s Day is gonna hit different this year 💚🍀

Kappa Kappa Gamma

  • Gotta be KKG!
  • Bleed blue 💙🥶🔑
  • Wanna be gotta be KKG! 🔑💙
  • I’m so happy that I amma Kappa Kappa Gamma!

Phi Mu

  • Ran hφme! 🤍💗
  • Ran to the PHInest hφme 💕
  • #LIOB 💗🤍
  • I’m hφme and mu know it! 💕🤍

Pi Beta Phi

  • Ran home to heaven! ☁️⭐️
  • Officially an angel 👼
  • Followed the arrows and ended up in heaven! 🤍
  • You had me at halo 😇

Sigma Kappa

  • Flew home! 🕊💜
  • Violets and pearls, I’m a Sig Kap girl!
  • Joined the flock 💜🕊🤍
  • Sweet home Sigma Kappa!

Zeta Tau Alpha

  • Only the best get crowned 👑
  • Loyalty to the royalty! 🤍
  • Welcome to the zisterhood!
  • ZETA than all the rest! 💕
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