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6 Bid Day Outfit Ideas To Wear When You Run Home To Your New Sorority

In August 2021, Bama Rush took over the TikTok For You Page with OOTD videos, rush bag hauls, and Bid Day reveals. #Rushtok itself has garnered over 282 million views, and #Bamarush alone has over 691 million views. This week, it’s round two of the #bamarush frenzy as Alabama and other schools are starting their recruitment process for this year. 

The star of sorority recruitment is the fashion. From pref day dresses to sisterhood round outfits, there is a lot to shop and plan for when approaching rush week. However, the final day of recruitment, and arguably the most memorable, is bid day. Before you run home to your sorority and share the excitement with your new sisters, you have to attend the bid reveal where you receive an invitation for a sorority house, which obviously deserves an outfit fit for the occasion. 

The key to bid day outfits is having a look that is cute yet comfortable. 

Bid day is full of running, sitting in the heat, and excitement. It’s a long day that finishes off an exciting week, so you should opt for something that you can wear all day and pair with the shirt your new sorority gives you. Here are six bid day outfit ideas that are cute yet casual — because you have a long day of celebrating in front of you.

Athletic dress

On bid day, you want something casual and comfortable, especially if you go to school in the South where the humidity is almost unbearable. If you don’t want to wear a typical athletic outfit or jean shorts, then opt for an athletic dress. They are adorable and look like an actual dress, but are made with a breathable material for the hot, long day ahead of you. 

This athletic dress from Halara is white, so you can slip on whatever shirt your sorority gives you on top of it. It also comes with built-in shorts with pockets so you can hold your phone or keys and won’t have to worry about any wardrobe malfunctions while you run home. If you do want some color, try a dress like this one from Dillard’s that’s still sporty and fun.

Tank top and running shorts

The Lululemon Align tanks took over bid day OOTDs last year due to their support, versatility, and adorable colors — I’m sure this year will be no exception. However, with all the expenses you’ll have during your time as a member in a sorority, Lululemon might be a bit out of reach for your budget. Thankfully, Amazon has your back with a dupe for only $22. This longline sports bra is lightweight, sweat-wicking, and cute. You can have some fun with the color because the tank will only be seen during the reveal. Pair this tank with running shorts, such as these ones from Aerie, to create an outfit that is easy, comfortable, and casual.

Crop top and athletic skirt

An athletic skirt is a perfect addition to spice up your bid day outfit. Make sure to opt for neutral color so that it can be paired with the top your sorority gives you. This ivory tennis skirt from Pacsun is comfortable, with an elastic waistband and built-in shorts. If you don’t want the typical tennis skirt silhouette, try this tie-front mini skort from Forever 21. Pair the skirt with a crop top or tank to complete the look. Since you’re wearing a neutral skirt, you can play with the pattern or color of the top.

Matching set

Matching sets look cohesive and are easy to plan amid all your other rush outfits. Since matching sets are monochromatic, they can easily be accessorized whether that be with jackets, shoes, or jewelry. Amazon has a surplus of matching sets with varying styles. You can have a one-shoulder workout set in beige, a seamless tank top and short set, or a casual crop top and short set. The reality is, bid day comes after a long week of many hours and hard work. This is your day of celebration, so make it easy on yourself by planning on an outfit that is simple and comfortable.

Tank top and jean shorts

If you’re not an athletic clothes type of girl, then jean shorts are just as good and are the most versatile piece of all. Jean shorts can be paired with nearly any type of top and color, which means they will look perfect with your sorority’s bid day shirt. However, make sure they aren’t too tight or short so you’re comfortable in the heat. 

These light wash shorts from Cotton On are the perfect wash to pair with any top, or opt for these cuffed shorts from Dillard’s that are comfortable and cute. This seamless knit bra top or this royal blue tank from Urban Outfitters is a great addition to add a pop of color and create a simple yet adorable look.

One-piece jumpsuit 

Similar to a matching set, a one-piece athletic jumpsuit is easy to plan and pack. This peach seamless active romper from Forever 21 is easy, comfortable, lightweight, and versatile. Also, peach is an effortless transition color from summer to fall. Jumpsuits also make for the perfect layering piece. You can pair it with a linen button-up or a zip-up jacket. And when it comes to putting on your bid day shirt, the bottom half of the jumpsuit acts as biker shorts.

Keep the accessories minimal and neutral. 

You want your outfit to be the center of attention, especially when you get your bid day shirt. Saying that, opt for minimal and neutral accessories that can be paired with any outfit. Last year, Kendra Scott took over OOTD videos as a perfect addition to the stunning outfits of Bama Rush. The accessories of last year’s rush were often regarded as “regular,” which meant they were minimal in comparison to the eye-catching looks of the week. We are keeping the trend alive this year, which will also make your planning for rush week easier if you have accessories that can go with multiple looks. If you don’t know where to start, here are a few suggestions.

Dainty jewelry set

Dainty jewelry is just the right amount of accessories and doesn’t overpower a look. This gold jewelry set from Amazon can be paired with philanthropy dresses, bid day casual outfits, sisterhood looks, and more. It’s simple and versatile yet classy and cute.

Simple white sneakers

When it comes to picking shoes for your bid day outfits, make sure to choose something that is comfy and neutral. These Reebok white sneakers are a switch up from the typical Nike Air Forces. They are comfy and casual, but elevate your look with a mini platform sole. Dillard’s also has great options for white sneakers, like these Steve Madden kicks.


The sun can get annoying, especially if your bid day reveal is outside. Therefore, it’s important to be comfortable in the sun with sunglasses, and they can act as a part of your look. These lavender sunglasses from Lulus are a subtle pop of color with a chic silhouette. They are small enough to fit in your pocket or your rush bag. Remember: Bid day outfits and accessories are all about versatility and being comfortable, and these sunglasses are just that and add a cherry on top to your outfit.

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