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6 Of The Best Planners On Amazon To Buy For The New School Year

It’s finally the most wonderful time of the year: back-to-school season. As much as you might not want to admit it, classes are starting up again. While you might initially dread returning to school so soon, you have to be excited to shop for all of your favorite school supplies, like planners and new pens. What better way to start off the academic year strong than with all the tools that keep you scheduled, productive, and well-organized? And there’s no better place to look than Amazon.

Planners are the perfect solution to begin your semester on a high note. While your handy, dandy phone calendar might be attached to your hip (believe me, there are so many times I meant to put something on my Google calendar but then found myself scrolling on TikTok less than three seconds later), there’s nothing quite like the simplicity and focus that pen and paper in a planner provide. They can help you physically jot down schedules, reminders, and to-do lists to keep you on top of it all.

Plus, there’s so many different options to choose from, and Amazon has some of the best personalized planners for the 2023-2024 school year. Whether you’re someone who plans every hour meticulously or the type who prefers blank pages to customize freely, here are six affordable, essential planner choices from Amazon to keep you organized this back-to-school season.

JSTORY Large Weekly Planner ($18)

The Large Weekly Planner is carefully designed with the needs of students and busy individuals in mind. With its stitch-bound construction and the matte textured pink flexible cover, it’s sure to withstand the rigors of campus life. Plus, your pens won’t bleed through any of its 28 sturdy pages. The minimalist horizontal layout runs from Monday to Sunday, catering to all preferences. This versatile planner functions as a travel diary, personal journal, and food, meal, and exercise tracker, with an added to-do checklist for homework, club tasks, and daily reminders.

JueNi Daily To-Do List Planner ($13)
jueni stylish daily planner on amazon for back to school

If self-care is a top priority in your life, this planner has got you covered in every way. It goes beyond just daily to-do lists, offering personalized planning and health sections to effortlessly track your tasks, finances, health, and mood. You’ll experience the joy of planning as it empowers you to achieve a perfect work-life balance and propel yourself forward in life. Whether you’re just starting your self-care journey or need a fresh boost, it’s never too late to begin. Embrace the beauty of planning with this elegantly designed tool, complete with a delightful array of stickers to add a touch of fun and personalization to your planner.

Amy Knapp’s The Very Busy Planner ($15)

The Very Busy Planner is literally all about you. This easy-to-use, 17-month productivity organizer is tailored to empower even the most hectic schedules and enable you to take charge of your vibrant lifestyle. Discover your creativity, plan your aspirations, and embrace your authentic self with thoughtfully-crafted journal prompts and guided activities for self-reflection and personal growth. It also features weekly and monthly calendar grids, to-do lists, goal-setting tools, and inspiring quotes to help inspire your most productive self.

Maalbok van Gogh Weekly and Monthly Planner ($10)

If you want your life to imitate art, then you won’t be disappointed with this Van Gogh-inspired planner. Turn your life into your own masterpiece of seamless organization and boundless creative potential with this planner’s eye-catching hardcover, convenient monthly view pages, and ample-lined writing space for detailed daily planning. Jot down your monthly ideas, thoughts, and more in the spacious note section. 

Posh Deluxe Hardcover Planner ($16)

Stay organized in style with this trendy planner packed with several awesome features. It has an elastic closure for security, convenient tabs, habit trackers, and charming stickers, offering tons of space for monthly goals and tasks. The psychedelic, vintage-inspired design with rose gold foil accents adds a touch of fashion. Whether you prefer traditional planners or are looking for a new experience, it’s the perfect choice.

Sweetzer & Orange Undated Planner ($9)

We all have those days when we’re not on our A game, and that’s perfectly OK! With this stylish planner by your side, you’ll have the flexibility to do whatever you can, whenever you can, without worrying about falling behind on your weekly goals. The Undated Planner from Sweetzer & Orange gives you all the tools required to stylishly conquer your goals. Navigate your tasks without any hesitation — you can structure your day, keep track of meals, and create to-do lists with its vibrant pages and unmatched functionality.

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