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10 Cute Academic Planners to Help Organize Your Year

Are you having any back-to-school jitters thinking about your new schedule? Looking to reorganize your work-life balance? Hoping for a renewed sense of time management? Whether you have one or all of these questions floating around your mind, planning ahead can go a long way when it comes to feeling at ease and in control this school year.

The best place to start: Getting yourself a solid academic planner that fits your needs and style. Whether you like scheduling out your whole month down to the minute or taking everything day-by-day, we’ve rounded up 10 cute academic planners that are sure to make the 2022-2023 year a major success.

1.Bookshelf 17-month Mega Planner, kate spade ($36.95)

If you are a Kate Spade loyalist, sporting the brand’s bags and wallets, you should definitely get office accessories to match. This large planner will last through this school year into December 2023. Additionally, you can show off your colorful personality with the bright illustrated bookshelf on the cover. This planner is ideal to lay out your whole month as well as make daily to-do lists. It doesn’t hurt that it comes with cute gold stickers, too!

2. 2023 National Parks WPA Monthly Planner, ziga media llc($16.99)

For the outdoor girlies who love to daydream and hope to travel on break, get yourself a National Parks-themed planner. Not only is it compact measuring at 7.5″ x 9.75″, it comes with extra tools for your benefit including tables of weights/measures, zodiac signs and to-do list pages.

3. 2022-2023 Seedlings Moons 17 Month Softcover Planner, Emily IsabelLA ($12.99)

Are you looking to get a planner and dorm decor all in one? Seedlings planners have you covered. The packaging is made with seed paper. All you have to do is place it in a planter with damp soil and wait for wildflowers to appear. Emily Isabella’s gorgeous moon phase design is cute conversation starter, especially if you’re an astrology fan.

4. Hardcover Daily Planner, The Juniper Home via etsy ($21)

For those who love the feeling of a big novel in hand and frequent #BookTok, this Etsy find will perfectly fit your aesthetic. This hardcover, handmade planner isn’t your typical calendar spread. Without set dates, you can start your year of planning whenever you want. Plus, it includes a habit tracker, balance wheel, affirmations and other resources that are in place to attain work-life balance and achieve goals.

5. Boho Digital Planner, thriving planners via etsy ($6.83)

If you’d rather lighten your load and keep your schedule on your iPad or Android tablet, there’s an option for you. With a simple boho theme, this Etsy download allows you to customize your cover, choose from a weekly schedule template, and even accessorize with stickers and tags. Plus, you can even view schedule templates that track mental health and wellness, sleep, nutrition, finances and the like.

6. 2022-23 Academic Planner Daily/Monthly, day designer ($25.99)

On your next Target trip, make sure to grab this elegant black and white-striped planner by Day Designer. If you need space to meticulously lay out important dates, deadlines, and more, this is the pick for you. Your days can be divided into 30-minute chunks and your to-do lists can be prioritized by importance. Additionally, Day Designer includes a ruler and gold stickers to help mark important holidays or events.

7. Checkmate Academic Calendar, papier ($27.20)

Harry Styles fans, we have one just for you. This planner, which comes in pink and red or blue and green, has some serious “Cherry” and “TPWK” vibes. Papier offers weekly overviews and monthly overviews, as well as semester schedule layouts and deadline trackers. You are sure to be “Golden” if this on your school supplies list.

8. Blush A5 Softbound Academic Planner, erin condren ($30)

Few colors are as perfect as blush pink. If you’re in the market for a simple, sleek design that showcases your love for pink, designer Erin Condren has the item for you. With a durable vegan leather cover, ribbon bookmark and floral page details, this is the height of class. Also, with special sections devoted to project and exam details, you can stay on track no matter how many credit hours are on your plate.

9. Savor Beauty Planner ($29.95)

Savor Beauty Planner isn’t a typical academic planner. This 90-day book helps you prioritize physical, mental and spiritual health as you set goals and outline to-do lists. Consider this the ideal way to break up your semesters. Don’t let yourself ignore the most important thing this school year: your health.

10.Floral Border Weekly Planner Notepad, sweetzer & orange ($9.95)

If you’re looking for a desktop planner, Sweetzer & Orange is a great place to look. Keep your calendar right on your dorm desk and keep track of assignments and deadlines without having to carry a calendar in your book bag. This planner is compartmentalized into days of the week, a to-do section, and a notes section. Then, after you’re done, you can just tear it off and recycle the page.

No matter how you plan out your days, weeks or whole semester, you are going to be absolutely ready for back-to-school 2022 if you pick up any of these academic planners!

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